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Stephanie Schoordijk

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Name: Stephanie Schoordijk
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: +31 6 316 75600
Olst (between Deventer and Zwolle)
NL + the world
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About Stephanie Schoordijk

Hi, my name is Stéphanie and I'm so happy to be facilitating Bars and Foundation classes and Body Process classes. It's amazing to see people choosing what makes their lives lighter and more fun! When magic, ease, joy and glory show up, it's so awesome. My classes are in Olst right now (in between Deventer and Zwolle), and I also travel the country and the world, so if you'd like to have a class near you and there isn't one, or you'd like another day(s), please feel free to ask me about the possibilities I offer. What magic and fun can we create together?


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