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Celena Hadlock

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Name: Celena Hadlock
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 410-203-1305, 214-505-7088
Ellicott City
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About Celena Hadlock

Consciousness…how does it get any better? As a spiritual person who is on a conscious path, I have always been open to any approach to expansion, and “Greater things than these thou shalt do…”. I came to Access through a friend in California who asked me a few “questions” on the phone. After attending my first class in Austin, I began to really notice areas where there were still limitations that were disallowing the fullness of who I could be on the planet. I chose to keep showing up and keep asking questions, and here I am, a BARS facilitator.

The BARS allows for ease of asking questions, and opens the door for something greater…I have seen it. Just by showing up and allowing the gentleness of the BARS touch, you are taking a step towards expansion and joy.

I have witnessed results with people: change now!

As a Naturopath and Nutritional Counselor, I am able to share the BARS experience with my patients, and other people wishing to expand their lives. It all comes together nicely…

The more I gift BARS, and receive BARS, the more gentleness, peace, openness, laughter and joy seems to show up. Not to mention abundance!
I invite you to experience the BARS – what else is possible?

Receive, allow, expand…..breathe! Receive, allow, expand, breathe!


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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