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Johanna Gerlach / Jósa goodlife

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Name: Johanna Gerlach / Jósa goodlife
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 929.272.0892
Location: 76 India Street Ap: A.21
New York
United States
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About Johanna Gerlach / Jósa goodlife

I am Jósa Goodlife, the creator of Goodlifecreation.

Originally from the land of ice and fire up in the North; Iceland. Now living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, after some years spent in beautifully flat Denmark in between.
Denmark was the place where I met Access Consciousness and studied the Bars. It was back in 2012.

I was blown away after my first Access Bars session, and I knew that my life would never ever be the same again...! Not only did I feel different. I could sense space in my head, perhaps called silence or "peace", for the first time in a very long time. My eye-sight was clearer. I could even sense happiness, despite my life situation which was quite contracted at that time. I just wanted to stay in this condition forever... Therefore I took the Bars Class. Not only once, but two more times - so I could share this wonderful tool of changes with my neighbors, my friends, my family and the rest of the world. It feels awesome to be able to facilitating Bars classes. To see how other people change by using these tools, has been as inspiring to me as my own journey.
We are all in this together.... :)

Access Consciousness has transformed my life on a very deep level.
No words can describe what it has done to me and for me.... I just know that I am changed forever.

I am a Yoga teacher as well and work with all ages; children, adults, seniors. It fulfills my heart knowing that I can be a contribution to everybody on the planet....by just being who I am!
Arts and textile crafts are also a big part of my life. I like to do many things at once and spin many balls in the air, using inspiration between different fields of my work.
I have always felt quite different because of that, and never felt I really fitted in.
Until now, where I can see all of my creative gifts and talents gathering in me, making me feel more alive then ever before!

What else is possible?
What magic can I be?

I am based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - close to the East River with the crazy magnificent skyline view!
How did I get so lucky?

Come and try out a session with me! Or even take a class???
I am also flexible for coming out to you...
Endless possibilities???
If you dare to tap into them.... ;)

Have a magical day!
In Oneness
Jósa Goodlife



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