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Sharon Shaw

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Name: Sharon Shaw
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +447754099305
Location: Acklam
United Kingdom
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About Sharon Shaw

Hi and Welcome,

Congratulations on taking the first step towards creating positive change in your life.

I am qualified in many holistic therapies and I use my knowledge of these in my everyday life to keep my own health and well being in good order. I have explored other modalities but for a very long time nothing really inspired me to add to the ones I was already qualified in. That was until I came across Access Consciousness. Having my bars run for the first time was absolutely amazing. It really did change my life by giving me the opportunity to let go of thoughts, ideas, considerations, emotions and beliefs I had taken on board over many lifetimes. But what impressed me the most was all of these negative aspects were released with ease and joy and without limitations.

As a Bars practitioner I offer private sessions of Access Bars and Access Energetic Facelift

I am also a Bars Facilitator based in Middlesbrough but I am also willing to travel anywhere - absolutely anywhere - to hold a class for you and any number of your friends wishing to learn Bars. During a one day Bars class you will gift and receive 2 bars sessions each, learn the 32 points and hand positions, you will be provided with in-depth head charts, a comprehensive manual and a practitioners certificate oh and the chance to experience a lot of fun and laughter. How does it get any better than that?


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Access Bars® 17/Apr/2017 Cumbria LA23 1LW, UK Sharon Shaw  & 
David Taylor
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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