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Diane Collier

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Name: Diane Collier
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +27829295181
Location: Nr 26, 16th Street Parkhurst
South Africa
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About Diane Collier

My greatest happiness is in being a Bars Facilitator which by its very nature creates such incredible change. I have had an active 20 year journey, metaphysical and other, to finally discover what I've always known to be true right here with Acess Consciousness. As a Bars Facilitator I delight in the change this 32 point process creates and how this benefits every Bars client as well as in my corporate training and coaching business. What if you stopped operating from want, need, must, have, do and just relaxed into being all that you are - a creator of magnitude?

I invite you to join me in discovering what it means to be all you be, that you don’t know you know and that if you were to be and know it, would change everything. Our time together will include moments of deep truth, questions, laughter, awareness, ease and fun such as you have not experienced before. What contribution could we be to each other and what contribution could we be to this world as we discover there is far more right with us than we never imagined possible?


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