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Femke Muylaert

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Name: Femke Muylaert
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 0486754719
Location: Spastraat 40b
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About Femke Muylaert

Whose points of view define how you move through your life?

Where have you made limitations and judgements about the way you move through life bigger than what you know and desire for yourself?

How often do you shape life and yourself according to others points of view rather than listening to your body, your own voice?

So hello trooper!

Courageous soul, trailblazer of different pathways.

Welcome in this shared universe. Here it is all about self-expression and letting go of the limiting beliefs that are in between you and the most free voice you can sing in, the most fluid pen you can write and the most whirlwindish (yes, that is a word in my world) you can move.

What if your body already knows how to move? What if you are already aware of how your most full, juicy and true expression looks like?

I used to be shy and locked up in what-I-should-be to the point I got physically severely ill. I later made my life work out the keys to self-expression and assisting others to get there.

I move through life as a dancer, choreographer, (song)writer, singer, Organiser of music and dance events, Master in Political Sciences, finishing education as a dance therapist and movement analyst and I have done numerous courses and have read the Amazon of books on how to live life beyond what we are told we should be, and find truth in our own ways.

I have found the main instruments in this are: art, radical allowance and going back to the source, namely, the wisdom of the body. I am the founder of GUTS, a people-powered, imagination-fueled initiative whose aim is to support young people to live a more self-expressed life. (For more info on the workshops, dance performances etc. we create, please consult www.gotguts.co or email info@gotguts.co)

BARS, I have found, is a wonderful addition to exactly that work: it helps to get out of our mental stories and by working on the body, at the source, opens up the possibility to be more of what we are and to contribute to our surroundings as the funny, juicy, creative beings we truly are.


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