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Abeer Hakim

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Name: Abeer Hakim
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +971 (0)55 5173357
Location: Al Barsha 1
United Arab Emirates
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About Abeer Hakim


Thanks for dropping by :)

I am an Access Consciousness Bars & Body Process Facilitator based in Dubai. I offer Access Bars Classes, Body Process Classes & Private Sessions.

It was in 2014 that I knew there had to be more to life than what I was operating from. I kept looking for answers in the metaphysical realm. At some point I realized it's not enough for me to simply know the reasons, but to be able to make the changes that get me the results I desire. I had to be in the drivers seat, just didn't know how!

That is when I chose Access Consciousness. I played around with the tools of Access Consciousness that were sent to my mailbox when I signed up on the website. I could sense a new-found ease with everything.

And then I kept choosing to create more of that ease and expansiveness.

What made me want to facilitate consciousness?
It is the secret ingredient to the finest recipe you can make of your life (if that makes sense :) ) That's what it is doing for me! It started with one Access Bars session and ever since I have been hooked to creating more awesomeness in my life!

I love how the tools of Access Consciousness are so pragmatic and easy to use and that they instantly put you in the beautiful space from where you can generate, have and receive more!

Like I always say... Access Consciousness is not just a modality, its a friggin lifestyle.


Would you like to start creating more or are you comfortable being plain stuck?

What would you like to create your life as?

If you would like to know more... Feel free to get in touch.

I love what I do with Access Consciousness. Feel free to go through some of the testimonials below:
I don't know how much you know about access consciousness body processes, but they can truly be nurturing to your body and create the most amazing results. Especially if the person gifting is doing it from the space of allowance and not from a conclusion or judgement.

Some days ago I received two of them from Abeer Hakim. And even though I had never met her before my body felt so safe and nurtured, and became so calm. The way she communicated and listened to what my body actually desired was amazing. The space she was, invited me to be more of that too, and then it was so easy to receive.

My questions to you;
What would your life be like in 5 years if you received everything that Abeer is willing to gift you?

What would your life be like in 5 years if didn't you receive everything that Abeer is willing to gift you?

Whichever of those feels lighter, choose it.
(And there you got a great tool in how to choose from awareness instead of conclusion, which if you start to use it, will change your life into something so much greater.)

Carl Engvall
UCFMW, Stockholm

Access Consciousness was something totally out of my conscious.. Abeer Hakim made me aware of it.. Little what I grasped & loved about it was living with absolutely no judgements towards anything, with an open mind, embracing all that comes..
And a session with Abeer Hakim made it even more clear to me.. I feel so light headed & new.. Thanks Abby for enlightening us with the powers that reside within us..
Keep up the good work.. !
Love you
Shabnam M, Dubai

What else is possible?

I look forward to playing with you, beautiful being!

Abeer Hakim
Access Bars Facilitator
website: www.abeerhakim.com
email: abeer@abeerhakim.com


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