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Heather Cowen

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Name: Heather Cowen
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 7766705927
Lancashire and many places nation wide
United Kingdom
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About Heather Cowen

Heather Cowen . . . Accessing Greater Ease and Joy

The Access Bars and the Access Consciousness tool box have given me the keys to unlocking resistance and creating greater ease with receiving the gifts in each moment.

Would you like to let the resistance go and allow your life to become a creative and generative space for new possibilities to emerge? To have access to more of you and what you know?

This is certainly how I experience these tools and especially so as I facilitate the Bars classes around the world. Time and time again I am in awe and gratitude for the shifts and wonder that arises in people when they have their Bars run for the first time or experience the whole one day class.

People return to the classes to tell their stories of seeming magic. Sometimes the change is so profound that I don't recognise them as the same person! Bodies change, personalities bloom, a brightness emerging from the new space of possibilities.

"I always knew this was possible but until that session I hadn't experienced it! Now it's like a touchstone of what is possible and more!"

People who have been on the energetic decline with loss of vitality, sleeplessness, despair and a general overwhelm of the intense noise in their lives and heads have been assisted dynamically through just one session or through the simple practice of running their own Bars at night before sleep.

After years of studying, training, experiencing, searching, scanning and micro assessing every change modality for healing and transformation I could find I had my Bars run for the first time.That was in 2012.

After that session I was more open and way less intense in my search for what I now refer to as 'space'. The space beyond thinking, trying, searching and 'shoulding'...a space that has allowed for more creating and choices that are energetically matching a frequency of Joy.

Joy as the foundation of everything.  

I just love facilitating The Bars and also living with the ever greater assistance of the whole tool bag and can frequently be heard not knowing when to stop talking about it!

There's more about me here - www.fieldsofbeing.com and here www.resoundingearth.org

You'll see that as well as facilitating Bars Classes I am also a performing musician and teacher of violin, a coppersmith and sound crafter, a facilitator of groups and individuals who travel the world with me to develop a greater relationship to nature and their own awareness. You'll see that I'm also a very happy cook ... one who listens to the bodies and the ingredients and allows everything to create its own kind of magic!

And hey, what else is possible?


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Global Restoration of Communion with Earth 22/Apr/2017 Bottlesford, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 6LT, UK Heather Cowen
Access Bars® 27/Apr/2017 Clophill, Bedfordshire MK45 4BT, UK Heather Cowen
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