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Ann Poplin NCBTMB Accredited

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Name: Ann Poplin NCBTMB Accredited
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 704-695-4831
Location: 524 Ingram Road
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About Ann Poplin NCBTMB Accredited

If I were to define myself by the limitations of this reality, I would tell you that I am a nationally certified nurse practitioner, Reiki Master and now Bars Facilitator and Body Processes Facilitator.
However, since I am an infinite being, I will tell you I've been a nurse for 31 years in this lifetime, and I have been a healer of magnitude for so much longer.

I look forward to playing with the Access Consciousness tools more and more, every single day. It amazes me how much of myself I find as I continue using the tools.

I also look forward to being in that energy with you, whether it's teaching Bars classes, giving Bars, or doing body processes.


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