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Barbara Poulin

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Name: Barbara Poulin
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 970-846-3430
Location: 62328 North Star Drive
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About Barbara Poulin

A native of Colorado, Barbara grew up in Steamboat Springs. Her intrigue with healing began at an early age as she tried to "doctor" any small animal she found in the fields of the ranch she grew up on. As she graduated from college with a teaching degree she found there was time now to pursue some more interesting classes. She took a few massage classes, but her real love was learning about the edible and medicinal plants that could be found every where from her backyard to the beautiful mountains that were home. Barbara became quite skilled at collecting medicinal plants, processing them, and creating salves, lotions, tinctures, etc. Eventually, she became an instructor of edible and medicinal plants at Primitive Skills Camp near Lake City, CO each summer as well as other environmental education conferences around Colorado.

It was during her time at Primitive Skills Camp that she became good friends with Chief Jim Fire Eagle and his wife Snowflower. They taught her many things about Native American healing practices and the world of shamanism. A new chapter began with exploring healing in a more energetic format. Barbara was later trained to be a Shaman by a more "New Age" Shaman. She has practiced Shamanism for several years.

When Barbara first heard about Access Consciousness from a friend in 2015 she was drawn to the idea. 2016 brought yet another adventure in healing as Barbara started exploring first the bars and then body work of Access Consciousness. Coupled with the intuitiveness and sight of Shamanism, Barbara has found that the teachings of Access Consciousness have been a very effective addition to her skills.

Since January 2016 Barbara has become an Access Bars Facilitator, an Access Body Process Facilitator and an Access Facelift Facilitator.She is an NCBTMB Approved Instructor. The magic and change these processes afford are a gift she loves sharing! This journey of Access Consciousness has just begun and Barbara cannot wait to see what the possibilities are!

- On July 30,2016, Barbara Poulin did a procedure on my right hip for pain. After she was through the pain was gone and has not returned in two weeks. Shirley

- The experience inspired and motivated me to move forward in becoming a facilitator. John

- I was honored to be in the first Bars class that Barbara facilitated. It was great and did not want it to end..
We covered all the information in a timely well organized manner. This was my third Bars class on my way to becoming a facilitator. I was intrigued
by the dimensions she spoke of and have incorporated it into my work with great success. I also had questions about digital marketing that she answered graciously.
Thank you Barbara. You are a wonderful teacher. I am excited to study with you further. Michelle

- Barb is a gifted healer who makes me feel safe and protected while in her care. Barb ran a body process for me when I was having pain in my hip. Her hands and arms started vibrating when working around that area. She followed the energy, worked through the release of a lot of emotional pain and my hip pain went away. In addition, I was able to see what I had stored and why, so was able to totally cleanse that issue from my psyche. She is a gift in my life.

- Dear Barb: I'm still processing our amazing session that we had today. The way I feel tonight is really something…not easy to put into words. But as I tried to put down some words, the Hawaiian prayer Ho’oponopono came to mind as the perfect prayer to say to my body: “I’m sorry…Please forgive me….Thank you…..I love you.” I sincerely feel every word of this and look forward to the days ahead as I learn to relate to my body-self anew.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great gift of healing. My gratitude is beyond saying.
With love and great appreciation,


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