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Anna Blessing

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Name: Anna Blessing
Certification: Bars Facilitator
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About Anna Blessing

I am certified in the Energetic Facelift (my personal FAVORITE) and am a Bars Facilitator.


Anna Marie Blessing, Metaphysician and Biofeedback Specialist
Anna is a Certified Nutritionist with a Bachelor's in Metaphysical Sciences. Through the years she has over 5,000 hours of training and a host of Certifications as a Life Coach and Breakthrough Specialist under Tony Robbins, Certified Nutritionist, Biofeedback Training from the Leader in Biofeedback Technology, Metatronia Therapy and she currently is working on her pHd. Anna's dream is to see people living in the fullness of their light, soaring on their wings of Greatness. Her wish is for people to experience all of life with Ease, Joy and Glory and once you meet her you feel it.

Anna currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and Tucson, AZ where she serves both local and global clients through her remote clinic and in-person.

She is a miracle worker, one who works behind the scenes facilitating some of the most miraculous healing, experiences and breakthroughs one never thought was possible.

Through her career, she has worked with some of the biggest names and creators in Hollywood, Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, Healers and more. As an Metaphysician and the Nation's leading Biofeedback specialists she is able to combine her advanced training and gifts to call forth your creative genius unleashing your brilliance and radiance into the world. .

Anna is currently working on her PhD, and her years of training compiles of over 5,000 hours of Metaphysical Sciences, Advanced Cellular Healing, Biofeedback, Transformation Breakthroughs and the new paradigm of Cell to Soul Healing through advanced training and her own personal Ascension. She has trained under the most advanced leaders of today, with specialized training for Strategic Breakthrough Coaching under Tony Robbins.

Her Vibrancy infuses the world with her Beauty inspiring others to embrace their own. You'll never meet someone who thinks bigger or loves more than Anna. She is completely fueled and led by a vision to see Heaven brought down to Earth through our authentic presence that integrates and amplifies all that we are.

Her passion for service stems from her own Healing and victory over trauma with activated a deep desire to help others do the same, unlocking their ever expanding potential. Anna believes the Spark of the Divine resides within all, and it is each of our job to fan that spark into a radiant flame. One of her beautiful gifts is the ability to take the the complex and simplify it into digestible bite size meals.


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