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Tanya Whannell

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Name: Tanya Whannell
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 01635-866409
Location: Sweet haven 10a Green Lane
United Kingdom
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About Tanya Whannell

I came to access after a one command colleague phoned me from Canada and told me about it. She advised me to have my Bars run and join the Book hang-out. The next thing I knew I had contacted a local facilitator and attended my first Bars Class. After the Class I felt as though the sun had come out in my body.
I come from a background of working in adult education as a tutor in various leisure subjects and locations. I taught yoga for 16 years, privately until a knee injury forced me to change careers and retrain as an Alexander Technique teacher. I also worked as a spiritual healer and a Reiki Master. I came to the one command in 2008 enjoyed the results included my nearly new car and a windfall, which enabled me to train.
I took the invocation of death body process last year and really like that one My husband runs it as well and I am amazed that such a simple process produces wonderful deep relaxation. I plan to facilitate my first Bars class this summer. How does it get any better than that?


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Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 28/Apr/2017 Thatcham Tanya Whannell
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