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Sally Liston

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Name: Sally Liston
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0407 240 247
Ascot Vale & Clifton Hill
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About Sally Liston

If you could wake up tomorrow with no past, no limitations, no expectations from others… what would you choose?

Would you choose greater ease with money, relationships, work, business, your body??

Or would you just choose more of YOU?

Access Consciousness® Bars and it's tools can change your life in all these aspects and it can give you the freedom and possibility of accessing more of you in all areas of your life. When you have more of you, you have the capacity to create a reality that reflects and expresses who you truly are and when this happens, well... look out universe!!

Just imagine BEING all of YOU… more space, more ease, more joy, more peace, more magic…

Why do I love Access Consciousness? Because it’s simple, fast and super effective!

I have studied and participated in transformational, healing, spiritual, consciousness work for many years but never quite felt like I was achieving the outcomes I was seeking, until I came across Access Consciousness. I feel more like ‘me’ everyday!

Access Consciousness Bars and it’s tools are gentle and relaxing and yet profound changes take place in a very short time.

If you would like to create changes in your life I invite you to come play!

For more information and to book a session call:
0407 240 247



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