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Jackie O'Neal

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Name: Jackie O'Neal
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: USA 954-202-3471 UK 07503027773
Location: Fl.USA, UK, Malta, Barbados, Brazil
USA, UK, Malta, Barbados, Brazil
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About Jackie O'Neal

How kind are you to yourself?
What are the possibilities for more choices in your life?
What if everything you believed to be true...wasn't?
What if the pains in your body were being held in place by the structure of your thoughts?
What would it feel like to be in communion with life, instead of separate from it?
What do you know that the Planet requires right now?
What gifts do you have that you keep hidden because somewhere you were either told or led to believe that they were wrong, or that you didn't have the capability or, or, or...?

With Access Consciousness...anything is possible!

Like so many people who have been seeking in life, Access came along just at the 'right' time.
It was the piece that was missing that has taken me away from feeling 'responsible' for everyone and everything in the Universe.

Born in the UK, I had been in the restaurant business for 27 years, 20 of those years in partnership owning my own restaurant in South Florida. It proved to be a great place to observe people and their energies.Becoming the observer was how I entertained myself at work and turned it into something more than just a job dealing with people and their moods, both customers, co-workers and employees. It took me a while to get to that place though. For years I was at the 'effect' of other's personalities.

Always questioning from childhood, "where did I come from, why did people get sick, why were people unhappy." My own health broke down and I started to search for what was going on in my own body and mind and how to heal it naturally.

I studied and studied and tried this technique and that therapy until I confused myself with so many different people's opinions, because every one of them was the 'right' way according to who was teaching or practicing.

I studied massage but it wasn't quite the 'right' thing for me. The more I tried to fix myself and other people the more helpless I became when I realized it was draining me.
I eventually found Bowen Technique and returned to England to complete the training. Whilst studying Bowen I found teachers who had stepped outside the traditional Bowen box and my eyes were opened wider to the intelligence of our bodies and it's capacity to heal itself. I was also introduced to Metamorphic Technique at the same time. I was loving this...everything that was coming to me was leading me away further and further from being responsible for everyone else's health and healing journey.

I was being led into the capacity of a facilitator for healing not the fixer of it. Teaching myself and others to empower themselves. It was not always easy as I tried to twist myself back into the restricted environment of what was familiar until I finally realized that the lightness and expansion of new found awarenesses was so much easier and a more fun way to be.

And herein lays the magic of Access. No one is going to tell you what you have to do. No one is going to tell you what is wrong with you, because there isn't. What they will do is facilitate you to find what is RIGHT with you. And yes, when you do find the rightness of you and your body, your body will love you for it and pains long held in place can disappear.

You have choice...we all have choice. What do you choose that is right for you? We are not victims in a 'cause and effect' Universe. We are all creators creating affects in our Universe. What would you like to create?

How does it truly get better than this and...what else is truly possible?

What else is possible for YOU? Choose...choose for YOU...BE YOU AND CHANGE THE WORLD!

So much gratitude for all the facilitators who showed up for me to make this possible. Who showed up not knowing why they came to my home area from across the country, from across the Atlantic Ocean, from wherever it was they showed up simply by following the energy...Herb, Jolanta, Mark, Julie, Diva, Steve, Ron, Celina, Suzy, Marilyn...oh and Gary Douglas.

How may I facilitate you? What can I contribute to you?
Where do you require classes?

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