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Tracy Howlett

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Name: Tracy Howlett
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 07584374927
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About Tracy Howlett

Access Consciousness and the Access Bars treatment is the easiest way I have ever found of changing anything and everything which doesn't work in your life.

In my own life I have experienced many (many!) anxiety, stress and depression related conditions and illnesses: from Anorexia as a child (and adult) to severe hospitalized post natal depression, stress, clinical depression, self harm, panic attacks with adrenal hyper-function. All of which had a massive effect on my physical health over the years and resulted in my body creating IBS and Malabsorption Syndrome; which meant it lost the ability to absorb nutrients from food. I was basically starving myself of every bit of goodness in life - physically and emotionally.
Isn't it amazing how your body mimics how you feel about yourself and about your life?!

Over the years I had undergone every form and structure of counseling, CBT, CAT, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry ... All of which worked for a short time, but failed to help me long term and I quickly fell back into the same downwards spiral of problems.
I had been prescribed endless different medications: anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, sleeping tablets ... All of which just served to numb the problems, which still returned with a vengeance whenever I tried to come off the medication.

In July 2015 I was introduced to an Access Bars facilitator.
3 Bars sessions stopped my panic attacks
By Easter 2016 I was off all anxiety/depression medication, after 11 years of being continuously medicated and my physical illnesses have improved beyond what I could have hoped for.
I have continued to learn and practice the tools and processes of Access Consciousness, attended some truly amazing and inspiring courses and in every way possible have changed my life and opened up the possibilities for my future. I still have my Bars run once a week (and more when I can!)

Those who know me well say I am a completely different person now - positive, happy, calm and peaceful. There are still challenges which arise in my life and always will be; but now I have the tools and ability to clear them and move past them within a day or two ... rather than it flooring me for weeks/months and making me ill with stress/depression/anxiety/physical illness.

The process of truly becoming conscious is not always a comfortable one. But it is the most worthwhile journey you could make and leads to a space of peace, calm and possibilities beyond everything you have ever imagined!

I would love to give others the same opportunity to change their lives that Access Consciousness and the Bars therapy has given me. Life looks and feels totally different to me now ... Full of space and awareness of what else truly is possible.


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