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Hollie B.

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Name: Hollie B.
Certification: Practitioner
Location: Available in
Braidwood & Canberra
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About Hollie B.

My name is Hollie B., and I'm an off-grid bus living, home educating, real food eating Mama with a passion for unbound and unlimited life. As an "authenticity mentor" I especially desire to work with people who are willing to create a life that sets you free.

Living outside the norm in soulful ways is a life-long habit of mine, and I love to support others to be everything they came here to be. I believe in magick, intention, and the power of our true, authentic wild Self. What can I do to support you to be all you came here to Be?

I offer my work as support to the amazing women of the world; the mamas, the sistars, the dreamers, the weavers and the soulful ones, who choose to create a life that sets you free. I mentor in the Red Tent in Braidwood and Canberra for girls, teens and women's circles.

Available for Bars Sessions in both Braidwood NSW, and Canberra ACT - Australia.

Find me at instituteforselfcrafting.com

I Be.
I am. Cosmic Woman. Indigo Mama. Awesome Wife.
I feel. Real. Love. Truth.
I do. Out of School Collab. Abundance Creation. Optimal Body. Sacred Space.


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