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Avalyn Lim

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Name: Avalyn Lim
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: +65 81392352
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About Avalyn Lim

I am the Founder ("Alchemist") of The Light Quotient, an Integrated Coaching practice that combines personal coaching and energy healing modalities, including Access Bars® to deepen clients' personal insights and their development journey.

Having been involved in the personal development and complementary healing space for the past 15 years, and trained in some of the most relevant, impactful and leading edge methods to achieve personal mastery, my true passion is on helping more people achieve a "Beautiful State".

Through Personal Coaching and Access Bars®, my mission is to support clients to gain greater clarity in their body, mind and spirit, and to achieve this with more fun, quickly and with ease!

Visit my site at thelightquotient.com for more information!


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