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Dean Larson

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Name: Dean Larson
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 218-205-4448
Location: 814 Harvey Drive
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About Dean Larson

I was introduced to Access when I attended a class on talking to animals in the spring of 2007, and I became fascinated with the tools I saw laid out before me. I wondered how I might use them to improve the teaching methods at the school my family operated. By the end of the class, it was MY life that was changed in ways I simply didn’t know were possible. I had always struggled with anxiety and fear, and when leaving the class I noticed that I felt no fear for the first time. Without even addressing it directly, the tools of Access Consciousness rid me of anxiety and started me on a journey into the world of “All things come to me with ease, joy and glory."

After leaving that class, I began adding more and more of the tools of Access to my life, taking classes, asking questions, making choices, and I eventually became a Certified Facilitator, facilitating Bars, Foundations and Level One classes. I spent four years traveling, facilitating, learning, sharing and enjoying the entire process. Getting to share with people who become aware of the miracle of their being is amazing.
My greatest interest over the year has been children, families and education. Prior to discovering Access, I had been a counselor and an educator for all of my adult life. In keeping with this interest, I created Conscious Education classes where parents and teachers learn to weave Access Consciousness tools into established teaching techniques for easier learning and less stress for all.
Having been an educator as well as an Access Consciousness Facilitator, I am well versed in both the demands of a classroom and the life-changing energy of Access tools. I have actually used the tools in the classroom, where I taught math and science (among other things) while kids sat in my chair at the head of the class and got their "bars run" while I was teaching. I have seen the potency of clearing away the judgments around learning and education and the ease with which students take to it. I watched kids learn about their awareness and knowing and saw them begin to expand. This is so amazing and exciting, what would it take for it to happen some more!

Currently, I am doing teleclasses on Teaching Kids to Know That They Know, Teaching with Ease, and Parenting and I will be expanding the repertoire over time. The most dynamic element of these classes is the energy brought to them by the people on the call. People who have "real" kids and classrooms, and current challenges to discuss--this is where the magic happens.

Besides these teleclasses, I am currently working with a number of “kids with diagnoses”, one on one as a tutor, so that I can capture the workings of the tools in a manner that I can share. I am currently writing two books on the subject, and I find that there is material enough for more. The first book will be about families and how they could operate from a different place, with an emphasis on the use of Access tools on a moment to moment, situation to situation basis. The second has to do with teaching and how to use the tools in the specialized environment of the classroom.

As I posted as a “like” on FaceBook: Since my introduction to Access Consciousness seven years ago, my life has become one ten-second adventure after another, filled with expansiveness and joy. Where I once had to “spend myself” to try to change the world, I find that I now change it simply by “being”, and the changes come about with ease, joy and glory. Every day, my life becomes more joyous and, as I become more aware and more conscious, the magnitude of simply being me is brought home to me. I am profoundly grateful to Gary Douglas and everyone who is engaged in the “tenacity of consciousness” for being the catalyst for change in my life and in the world.


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