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Liam Bramley

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Name: Liam Bramley
Certification: Certified Facilitator
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About Liam Bramley

Liam Bramley is a financial coach, international trainer and an Access Consciousness™ facilitator, offering financial training and life coaching all over the world.

Born in London to Scottish parents, Bramley didn’t spend his late teenage years playing football or going out partying, but placed himself into studying, learning and analyzing the global financial markets.

Once Liam started reading “Speculation as a Fine Art and Thoughts on Life” by Dickson G. Watts it initiated an incredible journey through the world of global finance. Using demo accounts of various investment platforms, Bramley realized quickly that his passion and natural talent with trading markets was going to be how he would amass his fortune in life.

Armed with a growing understanding of the global markets and about 200 books on markets inside his head, He finally started trading his first own official account at the age of 18

As his intellectual prowess expanded so, too, did Bramley’s enjoyment of talking to people and advising them on different ways to look at a financial reality.
Self-taught, self-motivated and self-empowered, Bramley - at the age of 21 - began to apply his theoretical knowledge of finance and began his career as life coach and international trainer.

He now travels the world continually perpetually as an international financial trainer and Access Consciousness™ facilitator, inspiring others, through his example, to expand their enjoyment in living and financial reality.


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