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Chrissie Shirley

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Name: Chrissie Shirley
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 022 1877 313 or 07 974 4123
Location: Hamilton
New Zealand
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About Chrissie Shirley

I have been involved with Access for over 15 years now, and find that I love Access and consciousness more and more. As a Facilitator of Bars and Access I have seen many miracles and amazing changes for a lot of people.

Access has been such a huge contribution in my life. Before Access I was living a miserable, unhappy life, I had been searching for years for how to change my life and when I found bars I really did not realize what I had my hands on. My life started to improve slowly and when I look back I can see that when I started running bars is when my life actually got easier and better. Bars chipped away at the fixed points of view I had and allowed me to create what I had been asking for, for along time. I am hugely grateful Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer for creating this phenomenal "modality" that is greater than what I can conceive.

I was over 50 yrs when I started running bars, - my youngest son had been killed in a truck accident about 6 months before I found Access, and as I started running bars for my friends and then attending classes my life changed and my life started to get easier and more joyful.

Would you like to try bars for yourself? Here's some information you may find interesting about bars:


Create Your Life - a sample of some of the tools you can use:


Bars, Foundations and Level One classes are amazing. How much change can people receive and how their lives become so much more easy and joyful? And if anyone is looking for change on a more personal level I facilitate private sessions over the phone or in person.

Access continues to contribute to my life becoming more fun, and my body becoming younger and wonderful. These classes offer a way of living that is like a whole new perspective on life. We don’t have to live a life of struggle and misery – we can change how we be and create and generate a life that is beyond what we know and so different to what we can perceive. I truly know this. Access opens the doors to possibilities we never knew existed – it goes beyond what we have been entrained to in our society.

What if there is something greater than what we are creating right now on the planet? Would you be interested in contributing to the change that is required right now, so that this beautiful earth can prosper and contribute to something that has never existed on planet earth?

Are you looking for more than what you have right now?

Have you always known there has to be more than what you are creating right now?

And let’s ask the question that will allow us to receive more - “What else is possible?”

What would we like to create that will contribute more kindness and caring to us, to the people around us and to the world?

Chrissie Shirley

Tuesday 10th September

Chrissie Shirley – Where do I Begin??

In my case I was at a market one Saturday morning and there was something attracting me to speak to this lady. It took Chrissie 22 minutes to change my life from one of despair to having the energy to save my business and laugh again. The power of the bars! What an incredible feeling that was.

Chrissie is pure gold for her absolute desire to help others enjoy the same zest and outlook for life that she has. I still have a way to go to appreciate a truly fulfilling life. She makes this journey so much easier as she has this awareness to be there on the phone anytime day or night to lead the way with encouraging words and repositioning.

Love ya Chrissie
Jock (QLD)

Testimonials about The Joy of Selling class:
Thanks for facilitating such a fun class on Joy of Selling. It was great to blast through judgments about selling, and the concept of sales is much more expansive for me now. I enjoyed practical examples, and tools for inviting people to try my products and services which I can implement every day. As a result of the class I am making a demand for my business to change.

"I didn't realize how many judgments and conclusions I had around the word 'selling', making me feel very heavy every time I thought about it, there was not much joy! Chrissie facilitated the class wonderfully and it was so much fun. I left feeling much lighter and knew the tools I got, would make what I will be selling, far more joyful. Thank you so much Chrissie."


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A Taste of Out of the Box - with Certified Facilitator 25/Jan/2017 Hamilton, New Zealand Chrissie Shirley
A Taste of Out of the Box - with Certified Facilitator 28/Jan/2017 Hamilton, New Zealand Chrissie Shirley
A Taste of Out of the Box - with Certified Facilitator 4/Feb/2017 Te Puke, New Zealand Chrissie Shirley
The Foundation 14/Apr/2017 New Zealand Chrissie Shirley
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