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Chrissie Shirley

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Name: Chrissie Shirley
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 022 1877 313 or 07 974 4123
Location: Hamilton
New Zealand
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About Chrissie Shirley

Can a 70 year old woman change the world?

I have been an Access Consciousness Facilitator for over 10 years, and using the Access tools and processes for around 17. An Access Facilitator is licensed to facilitate the beginning classes of Access and to introduce people to the tools and processes that assist them to break free of many limitations that stop them from having great relationships, ease with their body and with all areas of life. These tools assist people in having more fun in life and getting rid of depression and all sorts of things.

Looking back on my life I see the life’s experiences I created and which pushed me into searching for more and different ways of living.

What I would like you to know about me is that although you see a happy, confident, outgoing woman now, I wasn’t always that way.

As a young woman I married a man who was abusive and unkind. I thought if I loved him enough he would eventually love me! Not very bright! I see that now.

I had 5 children to him, and the first child died at the age of 7 months. The reason I tell you this is because you can see the life’s experience and understanding that brings me. I know that when a person has a child that dies at a young age, how it feels to be in such excrutiating emotional pain and loss. I remember, that I had to put her in hospital at the age of 3 months, when I found out that she had myoblastic leukaemia. As a young, first-time mother my breasts ached with the unused milk and in those days people didn’t insist on their rights to stay in hospital with their babes. And my heart broke for my love and grief of being unable to nurture this young, gorgeous infant who was bringing so much joy to my life.

And then leaving this unpleasant man after 17 years of living together in upset and trauma and drama, every day. And because we were farmers, I had to leave 2 of my beautiful young children behind on the farm. They loved the farm life, and I had asked them to decide whether they wanted to come with me, or stay on the farm. (The oldest was at boarding school in Napier).

So the struggle continued as I went on the search to make my life better.

I moved to Auckland and thought that that would be good for me, and in some ways it was, but the search continued, and the heart ache increased when my gorgeous 23 year old son was killed in a truck accident a few days before Christmas 1999. This experience I can look back on and see was a turning point in my life, because soon after I discovered a modality called Access Consciousness. I was seriously searching, I had to find something that would eleviate this emotional suffering and crying every day. And now I know that when people are grieving you pretty much cannot say anything, - I was like that! Don’t tell me you know what it feels like, if you haven’t experienced the loss of someone who is a huge contribution to the joy in your life! The walls are up, and the barriers are around you to protect you from anyone contributing any kindness at all. Many people have these walls and barriers just from the many painful experiences they have in life.

Fast forward to 2017 February, and a few years have passed in which I have been involved with Access Consciousness, I have met a very kind man, who is attracted to me because I am different, and because I am involved with Access Consciousness. He attended all my classes as a participant and we became very good friends and lovers.

We sold up everything in New Zealand and went together to Australia, to the Sunshine Coast. We bought a house together and had an adventure. Then there was a time 7 years later when I wanted to go back "home".

As an Access Facilitator I love people, I love chatting and connecting with peeps from all walks of life and my job is much of my social life.

Access Consciousness has some wonderful energy tools that are so easy to use. And of-course I am available for sessions of Access Consciousness. My specialty is empowering people to use the access tools in what ever selling they may be involved with. I also have a talent for empowering people to come off long-time medication. Many people have been diagnosed with depression or similar labels and then prescribed medication as the only way to deal with such things. The Access tools are amazing for assisting people to live a greater life. You may start to hear how wonderful the Access Bars are! Oh yes, people's lives change and they are astounded by the miracles that they see before their eyes.

The Access philosophy I live from is

To have gratitude and kindness for myself, for my life and for everyone who is in my life
To have allowance and “no judgment” for myself and for the people I work with
To have trust in myself and not blind faith in others but to trust that people will be who they are
To have vulnerability, gentleness and kindness for myself and others.
To honour myself and others, and treat people with regard and respect

I wonder what contribution I could be to the world? What contribution could I be to the people who are looking for a person who is genuinely interested in them? Could a 70 year old woman change the world?


Create Your Life - a sample of some of the tools you can use:


I'd like to give you a gift. Please go to my website and sign up so you can receive my e-book:



Chrissie Shirley – Where do I Begin??

In my case I was at a market one Saturday morning and there was something attracting me to speak to this lady. It took Chrissie 22 minutes to change my life from one of despair to having the energy to save my business and laugh again. The power of the bars! What an incredible feeling that was.

Chrissie is pure gold for her absolute desire to help others enjoy the same zest and outlook for life that she has. I still have a way to go to appreciate a truly fulfilling life. She makes this journey so much easier as she has this awareness to be there on the phone anytime day or night to lead the way with encouraging words and repositioning.

Love ya Chrissie
Jock (QLD)

Testimonials about The Joy of Selling class:

Thanks for facilitating such a fun class on Joy of Selling. It was great to blast through judgments about selling, and the concept of sales is much more expansive for me now. I enjoyed practical examples, and tools for inviting people to try my products and services which I can implement every day. As a result of the class I am making a demand for my business to change.

"I didn't realize how many judgments and conclusions I had around the word 'selling', making me feel very heavy every time I thought about it, there was not much joy! Chrissie facilitated the class wonderfully and it was so much fun. I left feeling much lighter and knew the tools I got, would make what I will be selling, far more joyful. Thank you so much Chrissie."


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Access Bars® 13/Apr/2017 Hamilton, New Zealand Chrissie Shirley
The Foundation 14/Apr/2017 Hamilton, New Zealand Chrissie Shirley
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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