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Deborah Rhodes

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Name: Deborah Rhodes
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 706-864-3381
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About Deborah Rhodes

Welcome! I am delighted that you’re here.

I’m an Access BARS© Practitioner and Certified Class Facilitator in North Georgia. Over many years I've explored various spiritual and healing pathways, searching for the one through which I could make a greater contribution in the world. And while I am most grateful for what I’ve learned from those pathways, until I was led to Access BARS©, I hadn’t yet found “that something” that would be easy to learn, a delight to share, and would bring a sense of ease and joy to those I could assist, and to me. I was looking for something that would manifest a difference in my life and in the lives of others. Then I discovered Access BARS© in 2015, and I haven’t stopped smiling since! There are just so many wonderful tools, processes and possibilities to experience and to share. And it’s fun!

You know, ten years ago I lost pretty much everything due to company downsizing and the real estate crash that followed. Can you imagine how challenging that can be, especially for someone over the age of 50? But, as is often the case, so-called adversity can change the course of one’s life, and it led me to Access. I knew there had to be so much more to be, to do and to discover, and there is.

So if you don't believe you can start anew over the age of 50, or at any age; if you don't believe you can have total ease with change; if you don't believe you have the ability to see and choose the many choices that are actually available to you, or the freedom to be yourself and create the changes in your world that you desire to create, come see me and get your Bars run, or take a BARS© class with me.

Is now the time? Are you ready for some changes in your life? Are you ready to discover the gift you truly be? When was the last time you felt totally relaxed and cared for? Has it been awhile since you received kindness and healing without judgment or expectation of you or your body? Do you seek practical tools for growth that are easy to learn and really work? If so, a session or class with the BARS© may be just right for you.

So, what are the BARS©? They are 32 points of energy that run through and around the head which connect to different aspects of our lives. We call all of the points that are touched when using this modality “The Bars.” The Bars store the electromagnetic component of every thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you have ever had or made significant in life relative to the Bar being touched. There are Bars for money, control, creation, joy, sadness, healing, awareness, time, gratitude, and many more.

During a Bars session a practitioner lightly touches those 32 points over the course of an hour or more. Per Access Consciousness, “Touching the Bars allows for the electromagnetic charge that holds thoughts, feelings, and emotions in place to dissipate, allowing you to perceive your life, body and relationships with more clarity and ease.” In Access we say that when you receive a BARS© session, at the very least you’ll feel as though you’ve had a wonderful massage; at most, your entire life could change.

What if you wanted to learn to do the BARS© yourself? You can take a BARS© Class! The class is a one-day event during which you learn the basics of the Access BARS© process, then practice by gifting two sessions for the hands-on experience, and receiving two sessions for experiencing that part of the process. And, you are considered a Bars Practitioner upon completion of the Class. How does it get any better than that?

The BARS© is available to everyone from children, to young adults and adults, to seniors. If you are interested in exploring new horizons and changing your life, I would love to assist you to discover the infinite possibilities of this process. Let’s find out what’s possible for YOU.

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Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 9/Apr/2017 Murrayville, Georgia, USA Deborah Rhodes
Access Bars® 30/Apr/2017 Murrayville, Georgia, USA Deborah Rhodes
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