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Ulrieke Benner

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Name: Ulrieke Benner
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 250-537-1723
Location: PO Box 623 Stn Ganges
Salt Spring Island
British Columbia
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About Ulrieke Benner

For as long as I remember, I've always been a seeker, looking for more truth, meaning and consciousness in life. Ever since I was a young child in Germany, I've enjoyed creating things with my hands and later in life doing hands on healing and energy work. When I first read about an Access Bars demo session in my community, I was intrigued and felt that familiar tug to try something new that I sensed would resonate with me and somehow further my personal growth and journey.

Which it certainly has, in many divine and wonderful ways. Access Bars has helped me make powerful shifts within myself and my life and it can help you too.

Typical of many seekers, my path has been a bit of a meandering one. While I began a tenured position as a 5th - 10th grade teacher and spent 13 years teaching mostly English and Geography my true joy was teaching a hands on subject, textiles.

My hands have always been my expression, my outlet, my connection. So it's no surprise that I'd also be drawn to the hands on healing of Access Bars.

During my time as a teacher I met my spiritual mentor, Helena Aurora. Helena me to a variety of spiritual modalities and philosophies, including crystals, astrology, séances, shamanic healing, angels and more. She invited me to the United States where I began to actively pursue my passion for fibre arts, eventually earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textile Design and Fibre Art. Since 1989 I've been a full-time contemporary fabric designer, currently based on beautiful Salt Spring Island on Canada's west coast. I work primarily with wool and silk to produce vibrantly-coloured, one-of-a-kind, wearable art accessories and clothing for customers around the world. (you can visit my website at www.ulriekebenner.com)

Becoming a Bars Facilitator is a key step in my continuing journey of integrating my passions for textiles, art, spirituality and hands on healing and energy work.

In addition to being a Bars Facilitator, I'm also a certified Level 1 and 2 Reiki practitioner and colour consultant. My fabrics are naturally infused with healing energies, gently transmitting positive vibrations of colour, healing and light. Clients often comment that they notice the healing energy in my designs. One client, a cancer patient, wrapped herself in one of my shawls whenever she went for cancer treatment.

I was introduced to Access Bars during a time of re-invention and challenge in my life. As a solopreneur and creative artist, I often worried about my business, finances and felt stressed about not having enough hours in the day. Immediately after having my first Access Bars session I felt a difference. Shortly thereafter I became a Practitioner and have seen ongoing benefits from having a Bars session each week.

Access Bars has given me a sense of peace and calm and an inner richness that I'd not experienced before. I've opened up to new things, fresh perspectives and moved forward in life with ease.

When people ask me what Access Bars is all about, I like to say it's like "clearing out the attic", getting rid of stuff that holds you back or keeps you stuck in life. In a simple, powerful and magical way.

As a Bars Facilitator, I look forward to helping others experience similar shifts and reward in their own lives.

I offer private one on one sessions as well as workshops. I'm also happy to travel so please contact me if you'd like a workshop in your area.


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