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Rebecca Chang

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Name: Rebecca Chang
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 510-882-0195
San Mateo
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About Rebecca Chang

Being in transformation - every cell ... and spaces between cells ... and spaces between spaces.

Come join me in the adventure and embrace the joy that is truly you!

Currently teaching classes on some weekdays as well as weekends!

Access Bars and individual Body Process classes - in San Francisco and/or San Mateo.
Please contact me if your are interested in a class on a weekday / weekend and don't see one posted.

I am so grateful to Access Consciousness! The tools have changed my life and continues to do so. It contributed to my experience of cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemo and radiation therapies in the past year + with so much ease and joy (yes - joy! ) These tools includes asking, "Who does it belong to?" and other questions so that I do not jump into conclusions and limit my receiving of more (infinite) possibilities. I joined a weekly group in SF to exchange body process and Bars since 2012 and am so grateful to acknowledge the changes that have shown up and continue to show up. The receiving (and gifting) of Access body processes have allowed me amazing ease with my body the operation and treatment process.

From 2012 onwards, I have continued with Access Consciousness classes beyond Bars and Core Classes and the Body Process and Advanced Body Processes to include Dr. Dain Heer's ESB (Energetic Synthesis of Being), SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) and the Advanced SOP - Maestro 2016 classes and ESC (Energetic Synthesis of Communion) sessions. All of them, plus the many awesome, powerful and potent Telecalls have contributed to me beyond what I thought was possible.

At the beginning of a Symphony Session, you get asked, "If you could have anything from this session, what would it be?" I have been facilitating symphony sessions for clients and having weekly trading sessions with other Maestros / SOP facilitators. Now I am enjoying exuberant experience of living - in every cell. Recently, I also asked to have peace in every cell. Words are not adequate to describe who, what, where, why, and how I am being these days.

Bars is the beginning and prerequisite of almost all of these amazing classes. Come and experience first hand the ease and expanded living you can have with just one session, much less learning how to give (and then receive) twice during class and take this awesome knowledge with you.

All of life comes to us with ease, joy & glory! ®
Glory= Exuberant expression of living!

Comments from students:

"Thank you so much Rebecca! I really appreciate how thorough and thoughtful you are! It was a wonderful class! I look forward to working together again!"

Aundrea Dennis
Redwood City

"I took my first Bars class last fall with Rebecca Chang. Rebecca is a caring teacher who is clearly passionate about Bars. She keeps the class moving so that all the material is covered and yet, you never feel rushed. She is great at balancing the fine line between jumping in to help and letting people find their way. It’s clear to me that she cares deeply about her students’ learning experience and she follows up afterwards to ensure all questions are answered. If you are considering taking a Bars class, I would definitely recommend Rebecca as a teacher."

Melissa Abel
San Francisco


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Access Bars® 30/Mar/2017 San Mateo, California, USA Rebecca Chang
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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