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Vanita Chudasama

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Name: Vanita Chudasama
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +44 (0)7956581776
Essex RM6
United Kingdom
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About Vanita Chudasama

Hello You Yummy Being

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my page. How did I get so lucky?

My journey started some 16 years ago, when a simple yet a very profound question came into my head. How can I be calm and happy all the time? Hence my journey of healing commenced....

I came across many healing modalities on the way:

Reiki Seichem, Theta Healing, NLP, Egyptian Cartouche, and Sacred Activations.

which don't get me wrong all served me to a certain degree for a period of time, but none got me to where I truly desired to go, that true calm and happiness state of being and a modality which could answer all my questions and give me results as fast as I desired them.

Then I found Access Consciousness and I have never looked back. I can honestly say I feel like I have finally arrived home.

Any problem I had and continues to be covered by Access Consciousness: from Money to relationship , body aches to Parenting, Children to entities and so much more.

Today, I am a Bars Facilitator, a Facelift Facilitator and Advance Body Processes Facilitator. What more can I choose for me tomorrow?

I also can facilitate Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) and abuse hold sessions.

Happy to facilitate a Bars/Facelift Class, or a private session on a date that is more suitable for you and I am also willing to travel to you. If that sounds like what you are looking for then why not contact me to arrange.

How does it get better than that? and what more are you willing to choose?

I can now give over 50 body processes. How did I get so lucky? Since knowing these processes my body has changed beyond belief. Would you like change, continuously feel more energised and look so much younger? If your body is yelling YES YES YES, then why not book yourself a body process , a SOP, a bars or a Facelift session with me?

If you are new to Access why not start with a Bars session? Go on, book a session, at the worse you will feel like you have had a great head message at the best your whole life could change. Are you willing to choose that change?


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Access Bars® 31/Mar/2017 Romford Essex RM6, UK Vanita Chudasama
Access Body Gifting & Receiving 22/Apr/2017 Romford Essex RM6, UK Vanita Chudasama
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