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Shelly Barack

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Name: Shelly Barack
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 7144549173
Fountain Valley
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About Shelly Barack

“Life is a Banquet” That’s a quote from one of my favorite fictional characters. I was 8 years old when I first saw the film Auntie Mame. Mame Dennis was an introduction to glamor - fun - whimsy & unapologetic outrageousness. I recall feeling, “That’s what I want to be when I grow up.” She breathed life like a fire breathing dragon. And it breathed right back into her. Her motto…. Live! Live! Live!

I’ve always been a curious person. That’s part of my fun. My entire existence was in pursuit of a happiness that brought me closer to me. At times I sensed that I was flowing with whatever hand I had been dealt. But the on going lightness continued to elude me, and I questioned whether I could make a difference in other peoples lives and our planet. I felt as though I was chasing rainbows. My quest for the next best thing - that joy of living - had become an uphill battle. Maybe I was fooling myself. Was happiness real or was it something found only in movies? My sadness was profound and it was affecting my health. And I sunk to a depth lower than low. My life felt over. It wasn’t fun. It had become a chore. I stopped dead in my tracks. No more seeking - searching or believing that life could be different. I was done.

The next moment, is when things started to get interesting. (Literally the very next day) A friend of mine shoved a book at me. You’ve got to read this. “No thanks I’ll sit this one out.” She was not going to let me get away with brushing her off. (Darn!) She went on about Bars this and Bars that. Just to get her to stop talking I said I would do that Bars thing. If something happens I’ll take a look at your book. No promises. Now go bug someone else.

A week later to my delight, surprise, amazement - something shifted! It was as though the universe had opened a happiness door. I could hardly speak - but I did remember how to use my cell phone. I immediately called my friend & asked the name of that book? BEING YOU, CHANGING THE WORLD she laughed. Something happen? You could say that. Only one Bars session and I was walking with a little more spring in my step. I HAD BEEN INVITED TO THE BANQUET. And I wanted more. What else was possible?

Access Consciousness has been an unbelievable gift to me - my family and friends. Not only the change I was asking for but a language of care - kindness - and understanding. “LIFE IS A BANQUET.” Come play with me in a world of infinite possibilities, Bars - Body processes.


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