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Grace Engel

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Name: Grace Engel
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 262-312-0909
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About Grace Engel

Hi and Welcome!

What are you unwilling to receive that if you would receive it, it would create the change that you have been asking for?

Asking this question has completely shifted my relationships, my money flows, my relationship with my body, my relationship with me!

What if receiving was the gateway to creating what you desire?

Are you willing to receive judgments?

Are you willing to receive your body without judgement?

Are you will to receive YOU and acknowledge what you know?

Are you willing to receive the awareness of what you truly desire, and then create it?

Are you willing to go beyond your own limitations, and all the projections that are have been projected onto you?

Are you willing to no longer choose to diminish you and believe the lies about you that you have purchased?

The tools of Access Consciousness have transformed my life. I use these tools daily to create my life, to let go of the limitations and limiting beliefs, to have so much FUN and laughter, to create a life of ease, joy and glory, and to create more possibilities.

I am so grateful for the tools of Access Consciousness - the tools work, and the change you receive is instantaneous!

Ready to play and discover what you already know?

I offer a number of delicious offerings designed for you, and designed to facilitate the infinite possibilities available for you.

What would be fun for you?

Access Bars Class
Coaching Session (Transform, Be You, Create)
Bodywork Session (Ready to release the body judgments)
Live events and live teleclasses
Recorded teleclasses

What else is possible that you have never considered before?

I am so grateful for you!

Visit my website at www.graceengel.com

How does it get any better than this?

What else is possible?


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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