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Marie-Claire Hayes

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Name: Marie-Claire Hayes
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +27834532129
Primrose Hill
South Africa
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About Marie-Claire Hayes

My life with Access Consciousness started in 2012.

In the first Access Bars class I attended, we were learning how to play around with using the questions/tools.
I distinctively remember two questions, 'If I choose this what would my life look like in 5 Years, and if I don't choose this, what would my life look like in 5 Years?' and 'What if you were never wrong? What if you there is more right about you than you have been willing to acknowledge?'

Anyone who has ever come to Access Consciousness will tell you that Access Bars and the so many tools changed their lives.
it is not a cliche!!!!!

This stuff is real! It is magic and it works.
You may ask what the catch is..........well, all you have to do is choose.
Make a choice, the choice that could change your entire life too if you decide to choose this amazing way of being and living.

As a Bars Facilitator, Bars Practitioner and Body Process Facilitator and Practitioner, I walk the talk daily!
I have become the alchemist I always knew I was.

I would love to assist you in becoming the alchemist in your life too!!

Remember, all you have to do is choose for you!


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