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Beverly Neal-Clinton

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Name: Beverly Neal-Clinton
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 505.412.0995
Location: 3780 Ridgeway Drive
Los Alamos
New Mexico
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About Beverly Neal-Clinton

Where do I begin? My life, as I knew it, was productive, predictable and definitely comfortable. Then on the 14th of March in 2009, all of that changed. I was introduced to the Bars and Access. Life as I knew it changed dynamically. From my amazing facilitator, I was gifted the tool of “Who does this belong to?” before I actually took a class and a noticeable shift occurred. As a result of that, the Bars class cooed and lulled me by name and life became filled with ease, joy and glory as effortlessly as breathing. I thought and actually said aloud, “What is this weird ju ju?”

Although I was thrilled to see how much the world changed... how much I could change, it took me almost another year to take the Foundations class. Who would I become? How would I deal with the world choosing to remain status quo? Would I continue to become this phenomenal being with insight, ease, poise and glory? Would it all remain just an interesting point of view? With all of the choices that were available, Foundations, Levels 1, 2&3 were definitely the next step in my evolution. It was in my world, through my choices, no matter which ones I chose, pleasures abounded and materialized in the most unimaginable and incredible ways.

Becoming a Bars Facilitator is a way that I can contribute more to me, to the world and those who are in it. You can only give what you have. It is one of the reasons that I am able to smile and move and glide through this point in time and say “What are the possibilities and How does it get any better than this?” Of course, as a result of those questions, this journey continues to surprise and amaze me.


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