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Andrea Belluso

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Name: Andrea Belluso
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +46721645010
Location: Sickla Strand 19
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About Andrea Belluso

Andrea Belluso is a world-renowned fashion and beauty photographer with over 30 years of international experience and a long list of top brand clients on his portfolio.

Andrea is also an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and apart from offering Access Bars sessions and classes (most often together with Amanda Anderson) he also uses the Access tools to facilitate people both in front and behind the photographic camera. This should NOT be confused with the Access classes Right Voice for YOU that are held by certified Access Facilitators (and highly recommended!).

Andrea is also a public figure in the photographic world, holding seminars and classes all over the world.

To see some of Andrea's work visit his website www.belluso.com


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