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Irma Card

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Name: Irma Card
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Location: 900 State Street
Bangor, ME
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About Irma Card

Good day beautiful people! Thank you for checking out my page.

The magical day for me was when a friend I was visiting was going to a day body process class and she invited me to go. The class sounded interesting and really called me to go. The next thing I know I'm signing up to take the Access Bars class. The class was life changing for me, so I decided to become a Bars facilitator because I wanted to share this amazing gift with more than just my clients. The possibilities are endless and beyond imagination! My life got lighter and more abundant in every way. I started listening and talking to my body and the pain left. I keep asking, how can my life get any better than this and the universe keeps showing me through joy, business, money, consciousness and new friends etc... How could life get any better than it is?

How could Access Bars change your world? What could joy, ease and glory look like for you?
What else is possible that you haven't yet considered?
What expansive space of awareness can you create?

I have so much gratitude for Gary and Dain for continually creating more and more possibilities for all of us to BE. What would it feel like for you to BE?

I look forward to playing with you in session or in class.

For more information on my bio and the services I provide please visit: www.NurtureME.net

With Joy, Ease and Glory,

Irma Card


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Access Bars® 2/Apr/2017 Bangor, Maine, USA Irma Card
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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