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Naveen Light

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Name: Naveen Light
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: Aus: 0438 551 804
Buderim Sunshine Coast
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About Naveen Light

What is so different about ACCESS?

I started my Access journey in Feb of 2010 and I haven't looked back. Access is the first "course" I've been to that hasn't left me wondering "surely there is more to it than this?"

I hold BARS CLASSES by request and also FOUNDATION and LEVEL 1, so much fun and growth!

I've been "searching" all my life, well, since my 20's. For what, I didn't know, but I knew there had to be more to this world than I was hearing, reading or "getting" myself. I've always felt a bit different, ok, a lot different.(Are YOU relating to this?) What was wrong with me? Why wasn't I content with my life that was going so well? Why did I want more? Do YOU want MORE too? Is that being greedy, selfish, ungrateful? Hell NO! That's being aware that the universe has so much more to gift to us than we have so far been willing to receive.

What the????? I like receiving! Do YOU like receiving? And do you ALLOW yourself to receive everything that you have been asking for? Is there any form of lack in your life? Hmm, maybe you are reading this because you KNOW there is MORE for you to receive? More freedom? More happiness? More money? More of LIFE and LIVING? Yes, there is indeed so much more for you to receive if you would be able to do that on an energetic level.

Access teaches us to receive on all levels. It changes our bodies, our perceptions, our lives. You'll KNOW if Access is for you and I'd be happy to speak with you if you'd like to contact me. What contribution can I be to YOU?

BODYWORK - the Access Body Processes Classes have opened up a whole new world for me. My body is able to perceive energy in my clients and restructure on all levels so that the changes they experience have been quite phenomenal. One client in particular had depression and chronic fatique syndrome and had to sleep every afternoon. After just 3 sessions she's reported so much change; no need for sleep and her energy levels and motivation have soared. She promises that one day she will report to her doctors just what was responsible but for now doesn't believe they will accept "energy work" as being the cause for these wonderful results!

What Else is Possible?


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