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Dr. Cindy Fellay

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Name: Dr. Cindy Fellay
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 0467 032 348
Location: Fitzroy
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About Dr. Cindy Fellay


My name is Cindy and I am an Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner.

What I do during an Access Bars® session is I lightly touch different points on your head (32 in total) over the course of an hour or an hour and a half, depending on what you choose. The worst that can happen is you feel you had a phenomenal massage. The best that can happen is your whole life changes in amazing ways... if you're up for it! :)

Access Consciousness® is all about YOU creating an easy and joyful life :) I've changed my whole life using the tools of Access Consciousness®. I am constantly changing, every moment of every day. How mind-blowing is that?! :)

The tools of Access Consciousness® are amazing. They just work! It's as simple as that. They work.

I am offering Access Bars® sessions in Fitzroy (Melbourne) at the moment.
I am moving to the Sunshine Coast mid-March 2017 to offer Access Bars® sessions on the Australian East Coast.

If that sounds like something you'd like to try, feel free to get in touch. It will be my infinite pleasure to facilitate the changes you haven't chosen yet but YOU know could show up in your life :)

What if changing was much much MUCH easier than you ever thought it could be? What if it was all about simply CHOOSING the life you'd like to have?


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