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Jackie Manley

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Name: Jackie Manley
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 406-351-1066
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About Jackie Manley

I am a Certified Access Bars Facilitator available for Bars Sessions and Classes. Gratefully, I give credit to Access Conscience Facilitators for contributing to my dreams, health, and happiness!! My initial Bars experience was to finally feel relaxed and safe. I have had wonderful naps and felt renewed energy!! I am a Bars Facilitator that is defiantly obsessed with living life with ease, joy, and glory!!

I enjoy Bars Sessions and Classes and the results that I've witnessed!!! I enjoy the people that I meet through the Bars Sessions and Classes!!! Access Conscience is so powerful, positive, and fun!! Come play and feel the energy, the shifts and the consciousness! Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions will be unlocked; you will have clarity, more choices and function from allowance. You will have the ability to be present in your live without judgement and have the ability to create everything you desire in life!!

Contact me with your questions and to Schedule your Bars Session or to Request a Class. I look forward to meeting you and having fun with Access Consciousness!


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Access Bars® 24/Mar/2017 Billings, Montana, USA Jackie Manley
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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