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Doug Turet

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Name: Doug Turet
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: (508) 208-1016
Location: c/o Massage Horizons P. O. Box 272
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About Doug Turet

Hey there!

Thank you for finding your way here!

Now that you are, I'm curious: about how many "Heres" have you searched for, along the way (and maybe even found your way to, sometimes), only to have them lose their luster, a short while later?

Now, think back... Was it always the greatest feeling imaginable, when that happened?


Okay, so... what if this particular "Here" turned out to be a little different than the others? What if it asked you more questions, told you fewer rules, and let you get whatever you were going to get out of it, without any judgment, criticism, guilt or remorse?

Well, welcome to a whole new way of being; a "here" that (as irony would have it) is often facilitated by a guy named "(Dr. Dain) Heer"! And wouldn't it be amazing if you and I got to play with some of these new possibilities, together? No rules, no requirements, no rights or wrongs, just play?

If the notion of asking, listening, laughing, sharing and knowing a bit more than you've been willing to admit you have, until now, sounds like something you might enjoy, then please, reach out to me by phone (preferred) or email, and let's see where the energy or it all takes us!


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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