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Jill Daniels

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Name: Jill Daniels
Certification: Bars Facilitator
White Rock
British Columbia
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About Jill Daniels

Hello All You Magnificent Beings!

I’m so excited for you and the fact that you found your way to my profile page. I invite you to read a bit about me and welcome further contact to explore what contribution we may be to each other and how I may be of service.


My life journey so far has taken me from a 16 year career as a Registered Nurse specializing in Acute Psychiatry and Neonatal Intensive Care to Clinical Assistant for Naturopathic Doctors where I utilized Vega testing technology and performed colonic irrigations. I have also spent over 20 years exploring the field of metaphysics and practiced Reiki, Integrative Healing & Massage and Psychic healing. Along the way, I founded a fresh fruit & vegetable juice bar “The Main Squeeze” and taught classes in Living Foods.

I have also worked with several personal growth & development companies and facilitated my own workshops on "Intimacy in Relationships", "Body Awareness Day" and "Spiritual Tools for the 90’s". I have led classes on MerKaBa and Rainbow Bridge meditations, Use of the Voice for Toning and Mastermind Groups.

Over the years I have created numerous physical, mental and emotional conditions to prove to myself that I had the ability to transcend any human condition. For years now, people have told me that if I could find a way to bottle how I transform things, like magic, I would be a millionaire. Well, Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness has done just that. My way of honoring him and what he has brought forth is to become a Certified Access Facilitator. This surprised me as I come from a place of not requiring certification of any kind in order to utilize my gifts for hands on healing work. Other than taking one class in Reiki, I followed my own inner guidance and knowing with my work that had no form or structure.

For me, Access is about empowering individuals to be who they are and embrace the True essence of their Innermost Being. It’s about trusting your own inner knowingness and stepping fully into the Potency of You through Total Communion and Allowance of Being.

Imagine what it would be like to Know, Be, Perceive and Receive the full Magnificence of your Being. Would you like to create more space and peace within your universe than you ever imagined possible?

Are you ready for something greater to show up in your life?

Are you willing to CHOOSE ALL of YOU?

What would it take for us to explore the Magical events that brought you to read this profile on Access Consciousness today?

Thank you for the gift you truly BE!

With Gratitude,

Jill :)

Certified Access Bars Facilitator

P.S. I'm wiling to travel....please let me know if you would like a class in your area. No distance in the universe is too far! PRIVATE SESSIONS AVAILABLE upon request wherever I am.

Guelph, Ontario, Canada is my home town and I have lived in various locations across Canada in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta & British Columbia. I also spent a few years south of the border in Dana Point, California, USA.

All enquiries and referrals are graciously received!


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