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Amber De La O

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Name: Amber De La O
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 505-927-8326
Location: 808 Fayette Street
Santa Fe
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About Amber De La O

Welcome to Access. Please hold on. You will now be strapped in for the ride of your life... Seriously, I told my best friend that between the two of us we had tried every new-age, religious, self-help book and technique that there was out there. I refused to throw more time and money away because that was not the answer. She decided to do one more. Watching her change into this awesome infinite being was amazing. I graciously allowed her to practice "The Bars" body work on me. My friend even shared a couple of clearing statements. Like all good students, I tried them out, stopped, tried them again, stopped and realized the statements made a big difference. These statements even destroyed my poverty consciousness.

I had a good life before Access. Now, I have a great life. You ask… So what is great about your life? I have those days where seemingly impossible things happen. You know those days where you get the parking space, the lights are green, the list of chores flow and you get everything done effortlessly, or something you wanted is being offered to you by a stranger because they are cleaning out the closet. Instead of having these types of days 3-4 times a year, I have them 3-4 times a week. I am choosing to enjoy the me I want to be instead of the me I had to be to I fit in.

The Access clearing statements are tools to rebuild your life and create it the way you want it. Like using any tools there is sweat involved and the Bars body work is like a quick shower to rid yourself of the sweat. You don't analyze the sweat. You just let it be cleaned off of you.

I would love to be an invitation for you to join me in learning the tools so you can build your dream life.


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