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Carmel Scaringi

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Name: Carmel Scaringi
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 0419344769
Nth Croydon
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About Carmel Scaringi

My love of assisting others to greater awareness and consciousness led me to Access.

My Journey on this path began over twenty-five years ago when my husband and I ran a successful gourmet take-away business.
The sale of the business coupled with the sudden death of my father marked the beginning of my deeper yearning for life, truth and my reason for being. I undertook a personal quest to further understand myself, to rediscover my life, my physical body, my emotions, mind and spirituality; to improve my health and understand what money actually means to us.
For my own personal development, I saw many different practitioners. However, often I found they were telling me no more than what I already knew to be the truth. So I delved deeper and undertook the study and application of an amazing range of healing modalities. I did this in order to fully understand the necessary steps required for complete healing and growth. This led me to Access where having had my Bars run and learning an amazingly set of simple statements has assisted me to complete the journey back to me.

The foundations are so important in everything we do in life. We live in such a fast-paced life that our mental attention is pulled in so many different and frequently contradictory directions at once. This stimulation, this plethora of messages, pictures and signs, bombards our senses with temptation and ultimately draws us away from our core—who we really are. We forget that who we are is not what we consume.
It is possible to choose where to direct your energy, rather than being coerced this way and that by sensory temptation.
By returning to our foundations we are able to choose what works for us and what does not. Access with its simply profound statements and having your Bars run adds the FAST FORWARDS element to your healing.


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