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Jana Martinez

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Name: Jana Martinez
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 646-546-5066
Location: NY, Miami, Mexico City
New York
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About Jana Martinez

In a world where the accepted belief is "no pain, no gain" it is wonderful to have a technology that is completely the opposite "no pain, all gain". Actually, “no pain, all pleasure and gain”!

Jana is an actor | singer | VO talent, producer, Access Bars facilitator, and creator of Quantum Healing Sounds™

Having studied many different modalities, she is totally in love with the Bars and Access Consciousness as it is a gentle and orgasmic way of transforming people's lives. (Yes, I meant orgasmic, not organic...although it could easily also be called organic...)


Cursos de Barras de Access en ESPAÑOL - Ahora ya no hay barreras para convertirte en facilitadora de barras!

Jana Martinez es facilitadora de Access e imparte los únicos cursos de barras en Español y Bilingües en Nueva York. Además ofrece sesiones privadas de Barras, Facelift Energético y Corrección de la Visión.

"I don't believe in traditional therapy and when I went through a divorce from an 18 year marriage, I searched high and low for a way to get through this without having to repeat my "story" over and over with no results except for more pain and blame. Through this search I came across Access Consciousness and wow, it's been an amazing ride. Not only did it help me transform my relationship with my daughter, and most importantly, myself - I have been able to propel my life and the lives of others into success."

Jana Martinez

Jana is available for private Bars, Energetic Facelift and Vision Correction Sessions in Manhattan.

"My 6 year-old daughter had been in-and-out of the hospital consistently every month for the past two years. If it wasn't an asthma attack, it was pneumonia. The stress it caused her and our entire family was almost unbearable. My husband and I were inundated with medical bills as we had no insurance, but we didn't care. All we wanted was for our baby to be healthy.
It was through luck or chance that I met Ms. Jana. I told her about Karen and she said to bring her in to see her. She gave her one Bars session which lasted about half an hour. That same night, Karen was able to have a full night sleep, which hadn't happened in years. She hasn't been in the hospital since. A few months later, Karen started feeling ill and I took her for another session. Karen hasn't even seen a doctor since the second time and sleeps through the night. I am eternally grateful."


"I had one bars session with Jana in February. The very next day I started to see 'the magic' at work: I started getting calls left and right, getting booked for Voice Over gigs, production work, and picked up a few new students for my Voice Over coaching business that were referred to me by some fellow colleagues and students, making February an excellent month in terms of the income that was coming in, and in terms of the inspiration that was also flowing... Jana has not only opened my mind to the opportunities that are available to me in the universe, but also empowered me with exercises and tools to keep myself open to 'the magic.' I've gotten rid of a lot of the clutter in my life, better organized my business, and improved my relationships with everyone in my life… I would happily recommend Jana to anybody who is looking to improve their life in every possible way. Thank you Jana!"

Jean-Marc Berne, SAG-AFTRA Member
President/Talent, Berne Media Enterprises


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