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Jennie Landfield

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Name: Jennie Landfield
Certification: Bars Facilitator
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About Jennie Landfield

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to explore my profile, and the contribution that I may be to your life! How much fun can we have, unlocking conclusions, self-judgment and limitation with ease ~ while sharing a whole lot of laughter, potency and fun?

These Access Consciousness™ tools, questions and techniques work in very practical and visible ways, changing the landscape of your daily life, your relationships, your business, your body, your health, your money. . . and your awareness of all the infinite possiblities that are waiting for YOU!


The Bars is an astonishing modality, unlike anything I have ever encountered. It is such a joy and honor to be facilitating Bars classes ~ to be witnessing the changes that occur for people during the course of one day! Whatever the level of stress, worry or disconnect people arrive with, everyone finds that having their Bars run (and facilitating the process for others) releases them into a state of greater and greater ease, expansion, awareness and. . . being. The Bars has a deeply relaxing and restorative affect on anyone willing to lie down, and simply receive. And along with receiving this extraordinary peace and spacious awareness, we are literally dissolving thousands of years of limitation! How does it get any better than that?

Foundation And Level One

What a joy it is, to be sharing the amazing questions, tools and processes of Foundation and Level One ~ the continuation of your adventure into the wacky, wonderful and extremely effective universe of Access Consciousness. This is an exploration of the infinite possibilites that emerge as you recognize and release the ways in which you have been limiting your joy and ease with life!

About Me

I have thoroughly enjoy sharing classes and workshops in the realm of creativity and consciousness ~ from The Artist Way to The Power of Now, from Buddhism and other ancient wisdom teachings to contemporary cutting edge technologies in awareness, from the "Mystery School of the Heart", to the production of festive ceremonies and celebrations. I am also a singer/songriter and multi-instrumentalist.

I found myself asking questions of the universe, for myself and others, demanding that I locate a modality or practice that really works ~ one with the potency to truly and easily free us of limitation and conditioning, one that opens up the possibility of living in a consistent state of awareness and connection. I discovered Access Consciousness online that very evening. This, my friends, is the real deal! What a vast universe of tools, processes, questions, and infinite possibility!

I am now asking questions similar to the ones that Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, began asking 25 years ago:

How can I be a contribution to this universe? To this planet? To others? To my own life? Rather than deciding what I am here to do, and pushing for it, I am asking, continually asking questions. The answers show up in my environment, and arise naturally within me as brand new choices and possibilities. My relationships, my living situation, my creativity, my awareness ~ my entire life ~ is improving and expanding with ease, joy and glory! What else is possible?


"I have studied and practiced with teachers all over the world for the past 30 years, many of them best-selling authors with hundreds of thousands of followers. I have to tell you that Jennie Landfield is one of the best teachers I have ever experienced. She is brilliant at facilitating groups, and incredibly insightful working with each indiviudal, to reveal and release whatever is holding them back from who they know they can be!"

Debra Poneman, founder and creator of Yes to Success

I took a Bars class and Foundation/Level 1 class with Jennie a few months back. She is such an insightful, beautiful person. In just the three classes I received so many different tools to take into everyday life. I would highly recommend classes with her. She is someone that will stand by you for your entire journey.

~ Tara Calandra , Acupuncturist

"Jennie was very well-organized and caring, and her class was a magical experience.  It is definitely transformational, and I recommend the BARS to everybody for stress and anxiety release, and to re-center and beautifully balance your energy.

Prior to Jennie's class, I had been going through a lot of stress, anxiety and worry.  The result of the class was a deep, profound relaxation and a letting go that I had not experienced in a long time.   I also experienced unexpected joy and bliss."

~ Walt Ingolstad, Raw Foods and Cleansing Consultant, Body Worker


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