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Sheila Birdsall

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Name: Sheila Birdsall
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 269.657.3660
Great Lakes Worldwide
Paw Paw, Michigan
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About Sheila Birdsall

For me Access Consciousness is a no brainer.

Want less drama/trauma? More consciousness=less trauma/drama

Want more ease with money, relationships, jobs, bodies and..and and..?

More consciousness= More ease with everything.

Get it?

With reports of amazing shifts in abundance, body relief and relationship ease pouring in, the only question is How does it get better than this? Reports of each individual's potential manifesting in ways they had never even dreamed it could: foreign travel where no possibility of finance and fear of travel had been the case; allowing and accepting family issues to dissipate when previous choice had only allowed for resisting or aligning with it's consequences in emotional overwhelm, personal finance difficulties dissipating more ease. Are you looking for more ease with issues in your life? Access Bars workshops offer change with ease!

Foundation Class changes lives so dynamically that most people don't want to believe its possible.
Turning your personal myths of limitation inside out freeing you to create rather than survive life is one of the biggest rewards of a Foundation workshop. When you can't get to what or where you desire in your life eradicating preconceived limiting judgments is the key to allowing more to show up. Foundation delivers the tools to keep that kind of change going!

The workshops facilitate seekers choosing a whole lot more for their life. Have you done lots of workshops and still not gotten the changes you reached for? "I wish I'd taken this class/session sooner!", is a frequent comment.

Adding Access to any existing business or profession exponentializes the desired targets. Would that be fun for you? Just taking the classes will make the work you do more accessible, profitable and expansive for you as well as your clients. Want to learn ways to work smarter not harder?

Desire a class in your town, your home or workplace? Are you a bodyworker seeking more intuition, awareness and languaging skills for your career? How nice would it be to have it all show up with ease, joy and glory? My website has more info including CEU information for bodyworkers. How does it get better? Learn more about what's available at: www.sheilabirdsall.com


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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