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Dr. Kacie Crisp

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Name: Dr. Kacie Crisp
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 415 302 0163
Location: 281 Morning Sun Avenue Mill Valley, CA 94941
San Francisco
USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden, France and the world!
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About Dr. Kacie Crisp

What a recent body class participant had to say:

Hot off the press--2 days after finishing 5 days with me, this unsolicited testimonial:

Thank you for a truly life transforming course. Thank you too for all your extra insight and for all the clearings of quite hectic things that you just calmly did in your stride. I am so grateful for all your input. I look forward to doing the Body Class at a future date.

My feedback is incredible – I have run BARS on 3 of my clients since Wednesday. They have all felt a big difference. One of my corporate clients phoned me in a panic as one of their employees was about to commit suicide – they said she is possessed and she acknowledged it herself. She had already told her son and was ready to do the deed on Wed night. I shifted my diary to fit her in and see her on Wed – I cleared the entities – she had a lot (history of drug abuse, rape etc.) and ran her BARS. She was present in her body and a transformed person by the end of the session. I saw her on Thurs as a follow up and went through the principles of human and humanoids and the immutable laws of this reality vs. the mutable laws and living in the question etc. She is a humanoid that just could not function in society any longer that is why she was about to kill herself. She completely embraced all the ideas and loved the humanoid concept. She is a renewed being and no longer suicidal. She wants to do the Access Courses now. So wow! How does it get better than that? What else is possible? If that was just 2 days after course – I am looking forward to the adventure ahead.

Thanks again – without all your teaching and input I could definitely not have helped this lady. I am deeply grateful for the way you empowered me with this work.

Love, light and gratitude
South Africa

Here's another update, 3 weeks after the participant did Bars through level 1 and a body class
with me:

I have [to date] run 10 sessions. The one young lady has fibromyalgia and she is progressing remarkably. She see's me once a week and her feedback is SO rewarding. I ran bars for an elderly epileptic last night and excited to receive feedback. Have treated someone who has suffered from insomnia for approximately 2 years and they are sleeping through the night.

Here's the latest: what participants said about the Access Consciousness Body Class I just facilitated. I love these body processes and present them thoroughly in my Foundation and Level 1 classes.


What's it got to do with orgasm? Listen to these ladies and find out:

I just finished a Foundation class and received this email an hour later:

Thank you SO VERY MUCH!! My cells, brain, body and soul feel cooked in the most beneficial (and exhaustive) way possible!! You are AMAZING!! I've definitely been de-molecularized and re-molecularized or whatever! You certainly delivered on your offer of stepping on a rocket ship!! You are beautiful and wonderful! Amazing!! Thank you!!

Yours truly,
Dr. Corey Erlitz

Here's some of Dr. Corey's miracle stories after just the BARS class, before he took foundation:

What I love about facilitating Access is the amazing changes and expansion I see in the lives of people who do classes and individual sessions with me.

Here's a video of a single mother of 2 who met the man of her dreams after doing Bars, Foundation and Level 1 with me:

I just got an email about the latest teleclass I did:

"Wow Kacie, thanks for such a phenomenal call! You are an incredible facilitator..... So many new awarenesses have shown up so how does it get any better than that?" R. F., England

What people are saying about my classes:

"After doing class three weeks ago, my head is empty. I feel like I'm meditating all the time, nothing bothers me, and I am attracting the men I have always dreamed of!" A.B., Paris, France

"The patient I sent to your classes came back a totally different person. I can not thank you enough for all the special attention you gave her..:) I still have a hard time recognizing her she changed soooo much. Amazing!!!! thank you." Dr. W, San Diego, CA

And videos:
This first video shows how one student used it to look like her teenage daughter's sister! And that's without needles or botox!

The tools I share can make a major different in money in clients' lives.

Another woman, a coach and teacher, became much more confident.

Hear how just one bars session allowed Maria to stop using sleeping pills!

My latest radio show about money and relationships can be played or downloaded by clicking this link:
Hear other interviews of me in the archives of seeingbeyond.com!

What makes facilitating Access so thrilling for me is the way the lives of the people I work with expand. They generate so many more possibilities for themselves.

Here are some of their unsolicited testimonials from recent classes, which are more interesting (to me anyway than my story, which follows their stories). The spelling and punctuation is that of the people writing the testimonials. The Russian girl is writing in her second language and she's only just 20 years old.

From a student in Russia, who attended a one evening bars class and an intro and her whole life changed:

I started looking for requirements for the UK visa (to do the next classes) as soon as you left. I applied already, waiting for the results. More than that - I have an invitation for a free place to stay.

Also, everything is going better and better for me.)) In the beginning of august i went to Moscow and a guy from turkey was staying at my host`s which no one would have expected.. He came out to be great! On the first night I stayed there he lost his bag with all his work, passport and visa / and he had to leave for turkey in three days.
The great thing is that I not only managed to make him laugh instead of everything but the next day we spent at home just talking.

And all of the new things I knew from access I became more sure of, and they worked! We looked at this situation from the point of accepting everything that goes on, and suddenly he opened up and started to tell me about his life and how it had changed since he`d moved to Russia, and right before my eyes he decided to change his life, so we discussed that.

At the end he wasn't that desperate. I was just amazed!!

I told you i wanted to stop the nanny job because of the mother of the child i was working with.
I did that a week about a week after the bars class. I was reading `the money book` at that moment, which i brought with me to work.

I understood the mother's regret and disappointment and also at the very same moment i knew there was no way back. I said nonetheless that I didn't want for us to become enemies, besides there were still 2 weeks more to work, but she stayed silent.

During all our conversation the kid was standing behind his mom and smiling at me..

I went out and felt so free what I`d never felt before.

Next week I was asking `what will it take for me to be free from that? What will it take for me not to be obliged not to deal with her anymore?'
The next time I went to work, I dialled the number of their flat on the door. She didn't open.

I was free and happy.

Now I got more teaching work, soon starting to teach Russian to a foreigner.
Everything is going better.

From a teacher in England

Hey Kacie,
I just wanted to thank you for the amazing Bars tool...can see the changes already.
Ex. In the past I had difficulty listening to what my body wanted but now I'm all ears :-)
I'm practising on everyone and anyone I can get my hands on :-) How can it get better than this what are the possibilities?
The money book is also been really helpful...especially the receiving part...never thought of it that way.

I just wanted to thank you for the 3 days - truelly amazing and now trying to use these tools everyday. Like I siad before it's hard to put it all into words.

What will it take to experience more access and gain even more than last time?

Hope all's going well and sure I will see you again in the near future.
Rachel, administrative assistant, London

Gosh how does it get better than this!
I feel amazingly energetic and have been opening up infinite opportunities!

Thank you so much for all your professionally informal enthusiasm and fun with Access. It really
is a magical tool and I know it will continue to change my life. I am so looking forward-in 10 second increments of course!- to using it throughout my personal and coaching life to give all who seek infinite possibilities.

It seems the universe is our oyster and not the world-wow! It is such a privilege to have the tools to show others how they can live their lives in the ease joy and glory way.

I have mentioned access to the coaching interactive people I have joined as they could here my enthusiasm today when I spoke with them!

With very best regards
Jennie (Coach in England)

And now my story:

After 10 years running a very successful chiropractic practice in Ashland, OR, I felt I was in a box. I knew more could be done to transform peoples' lives, I knew I could do it, I knew it involved energy, and I had no idea what it was I was looking for. I also felt like the things in my life which should be great and amazing never quite turned out that way--the brass ring of life was eluding me even though it seemed like I had it all.

Since I found Access Energy Transformation 10 years ago, my life has turned into a series of wonderful surprises every day. I never know what any day will bring, and it's always BETTER and MORE AMAZING that what I could have even imagined.

It was always my dream to travel and teach seminars which would transform peoples' lives. Now I'm doing it! In the last year I have travelled to Europe six times, St. Petersburg, Russia for the first Access class ever, Costa Rica twice, South Africa and Australia once. And 2014 looks even better.

My greatest joy is sharing Access and seeing others make the changes that allow them to have their dream lives too. Wouldn't you like to come play with me?


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