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Cathleen Connor

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Name: Cathleen Connor
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 971-732-2168
Location: 12655 SW 128th Ave
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About Cathleen Connor

What if there are infinite possibilities in all areas of your life that you haven't even imagined yet?

What if you could step more fully into the contribution that you BE now?

Are you willing to easily let go of limiting beliefs and thoughts to have more access to joy, ease, and the gift that you be to others?

Would you like to feel joy in every cell of your beautiful body?

Before coming across Access Consciousness, I had played in many modalities: Landmark Education, Insight Seminars, NLP, the Body Talk System & New Thought Spiritual practices to name a few. Although I benefited from them all, I was still not feeling full ease and joy in all areas of my life.
When I was first introduced to Access, I thought, "This is too good and simple to be true", so I almost didn't participate. Fortunately, I did start playing with it. Soon after I was not the same person. New possibilities with ease & joy are popping up all around! I sense my body in a whole new way. I'm allowing a new level of awareness and aliveness along with a deeper communion with Earth.
Access classes include body work, so you AND your body can fully receive the change. Isn't that a lovely idea? If you could figure out life with just your head, wouldn't you have already done it?

I also work in the area of education, so I have been playing with kids with labels like ADD, ADHD, Autism, Learning Disability & OCD. What gifts do they bring to the planet? How can they feel more ease and joy as well?

The starting point for the Access Consciousness classes is the Access Bars. The more you get your Bars run the more you begin to perceive how much effort it actually takes to function from thoughts, feelings and emotions. You also start to perceive the possibility of functioning from perceiving, knowing, being, and receiving. After your first Bars class, you will be able to offer this to others and participate in Bars trades to take care of your body. How does it get any better than that?

Are you ready to come and play with new ease, joy and glory in your life?
If you are interested in a Bars class & there is no date posted, let me know. If I hear from a couple people, I usually generate a class & have others participate.

"We worked the Bars and resistance dissolved and I was able to move through a very busy couple of days with no resistance! So there was a beautiful flow. With no resistance I was able to allow myself to be in the center of the daily flow and to let that flow deliver me to everywhere where I needed to be and at the optimum timing.
This is SO COOL, Cathleen!"
JKL, Portland, OR

"I went to the Body, Mind & Spirit show and decided to do a bars session at the Access Consciousness booth. My days are usually filled with numerous body pains and worries. Cathleen did a Bar's session as well as some clearing statements for me. I was amazed that I felt so good for the next 5 days. No body aches or worries. Life was great and felt great. No other modality has made this much impact on me. Thank you so much!" Cindy C. Portland, Oregon

"You do this work at such a deep level and I have learned new things about doing a session each time I have traded with you so I'm thrilled that you have decided to offer a class and I can have an entire day learning from you."
Rebecca, Body Worker, Beaverton, OR

"Several of us participated in Cathleen's Bars energy-clearing class. Way awesome! Afterward I felt VERY relaxed and quite clear! Cathleen is a great instructor!"
Jonathan S., Portland, OR

OTHER SERVICES for those in OR:
One on one sessions using the Access Body Processes
Sessions with your kids with labels like ADD, LD, Autism, OCD, etc.
Sessions with your pets using Access Body Processes

Contact me if you want a session or want to participate in a Bars class.

In Gratitude & Joy,
website: www.exuberantlybeing.com


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