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Jacquie Browne

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Name: Jacquie Browne
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 61 (0)410 193 065
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About Jacquie Browne

Hello and Welcome to my page on Access Consciousness!

PLEASE ask if you do not see me posting a Bars Class for a date that you are interested in
I WILL RUN BARS CLASSES where and when it works out and for FUN
so ASK anyway !!! )

I facilitate other Access classes as well as the BARS, All the BODY process classes and Money Classes. Just ask and we will see what can be created to suit your times !!!!

What’s next? What can I do to change the situations in my Life? I asked these questions one day in early April 2011. ……After losing my parents very early in life, and several other family members, I came to the complementary and natural health systems and wholistic ways of living. And having practised 19 years plus in the Natural Therapies Industry I experienced personally and learnt and practised many therapies, modalities & techniques with limited degrees of change and success. I am qualified in Reiki, the Journey, NLP Master Coach and Trainer and Presenter, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Magnified Healing, TMJ RESET Practitioner, Kinergetics and am an expert in relaxation, meditation and stress management. Added to this I became a Wholistic Expo Creator and Director of the Better Life Expos, and Positive EmPowerment (PEP) in Your Day email Newsletter for 15 months.
And yet, I was still constantly judging me and bemoaning myself as a prisoner of what I viewed as all my personal limitations.
April 2011 My answer came almost immediately on Facebook. A long- respected friend and Alternative Therapy Practitioner posted that she was using a new process with her clients and having great successes with desired changes for them - Access Consciousness. So I googled and within 10 days did my first Access Bars Class.
The Ease and Blissful Calm my body and I felt during and after my first Bars session was phenomenal. Benefits carried through for weeks after. A new car that I had been desiring came to Me from “seemingly out of nowhere.” My relationship with Money too has changed enormously and is getting better and better. Relationships too are improving. Each BARS session since brings me greater Ease and Joy
Access BARS and Body processes can assist you with Stress, Sleeping, studying, deep relaxation, emptying the mind, Ease in all areas of your Life
Could you use more EASE and JOY, and Peace and Gratitude and Calm in your life, and your living and your reality?


I wanted to share some feedback with you following the facelift with Jacqui yesterday. I saw two clients that afternoon and the first one said that I looked like I was glowing, that I had lost weight and that the skin on my face looked really clear. I didn’t mention the facelift before she said this, and certainly mentioned it after her comments! The second lady asked if I was doing or had done a detox as I looked very healthy and clear, in comparison to the last time I saw her, which was before Christmas. So, I thought this was amazing as I didn’t put on any makeup after the facelift! WooHOO!!
J.M., Wholistic Therapist, Eltham 20 Jan 2012

After her first BARS session on Friday
I had a great weekend thank you and seem to be sleeping more soundly
I sort of feel empty. Not really sure how to explain it all but there does not seem to be a lot racing around in my head now, so am feeling much more relaxed
Janeece Fuller Melbourne Oct 2013

I just wanted to give you some more feedback as it is a week tomorrow since I saw you.
I have been saying the things you have given me (ACCESS Clearing statements) and am feeling very much at peace with everything.
I had quite a few issues before I came to see you, as I would expect everyone would. I am finding the more time that passes that I am feeling so much at peace and things that would have upset me before I am finding that I am not feeling anything now and they are not worrying me.
I am sort of feeling empty and there are no thoughts racing around in my head anymore, it is a bit of a strange feeling, but by all means a wonderful feeling. As I said before I seem to be sleeping more peacefully as well and not lying there thinking about things.
I am just feeling so much calmer and would highly recommend you and having a Bars sessions run. I am so looking forward to the Access Bars Class
Janeece Fuller Melb Oct 2013


I am based in Melbourne currently and facilitate
• Bars Classes, Monthly or whenever suits
* BODY Process Classes
* Money Classes
• One on One sessions with clients, offering Bars and Body Processes.
• Gift/Receive group sessions of BARS and Body processes :-)

If you don't see a class listed for a day or time that suits you - email me and give me a call and we will organise a time that works for you.
Empowering You to know that you know!


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