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Lynn Anne Palmer, MSW, LICSW

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Name: Lynn Anne Palmer, MSW, LICSW
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 603-547-0415
Location: PO Box 418
New Hampshire
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About Lynn Anne Palmer, MSW, LICSW

Learning and Facilitating the Bars has rocked my world!!! I am thrilled to be apart of the Access Consciousness Community and making the bridge into sharing these wonderful tools for people who are ready for them. I am a Licensed Therapist and for years have been searching to help myself as well as those I work with. Nothing has been as powerful and as fast as the tools and processes of Access. Everyday I am so jazzed to see the amazing changes my clients so through with ease.

In my own life I had felt my anxiety and frustration increasing over the years as I tried modality after modality only to feel let down and discouraged. I started to feel ' I ' was the problem. Only once I experienced Access did I feel my search was finally over. After going to my first Bars class I felt for the first time that I could remember, I was authentically myself.

And, how does it get any better then that.......

Since then I live my life as the question and the possibility. I see changes in my clients in three days of asking "who does this belong to?" then I could have seen in a year of therapy. I don't know who is more amazed, me or them! I've seen people depressed for years begin to move out of that state with ease, joy and all the glory they can be.

I was shocked to see how hard it was to locate a Bars Facilitator in my area so I decided to become one! I wanted others to have the opportunity to experience these wonderful tools and open up to the Infinite Beings they are. I introduced a close friend to Access and now we are the first Bars Facilitators in New Hampshire. We spend our time having fun running classes for those who feel a connection to expanding their consciousness. and having lives that just work.

I've realized its soooo essential to get your BARS run regularly, especially if you are doing a lot of processing to destroy and uncreate limiting beliefs. It helps your body to adjust to all the amazing changes you are going through.

I have been a Massage Therapist and Energy Worker and it has helped me to appreciate the elegant and powerful results of the BARS even more.

I am also an ACCESS ENERGETIC FACELIFT PRACTITIONER. How doe it get any better than that ...Bars and looking increasingly youthful! I love to introduce these techniques into peoples lives.

I love to travel and am very open to bringing this class to other areas so more people can begin their journey as well. So feel free to contact me and we can be the question that opens up opportunities we could never imagine.

I wonder what grand and glorious adventures are coming our way............

So if you feel any lightness while reading this would you like to come play with the possibilities.....?


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