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Barb Torian

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Name: Barb Torian
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 802 377 5889
Location: 181 South Street
New Haven
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About Barb Torian

(Next BARS class is Friday July 18 at 10am) in New Haven VT.

Welcome to an incredible opportunity to change your life!

My name is Barb Torian and I would love to help you be more you. I have a unique set of tools to assist you in transforming your life. In addition to being a BARS Facilitator I am Certified Professional Business/ Life Coach; and Energy Worker using access body process to facilitate you and your body.

Access Consciousness has created an amazing set of tools to help you become clear about how you want to be, live and choose for yourself. What else is possible that you have not even thought of?

Having your BARS run is a fabulous way to declutter your mind, reduce stress, relax and so much more. Just like defragging your computer, you can declutter your mind.

Once you have had your bars run there are numerous other body process that can help you increase your immunity, and make changes with in your body. What do you and your body want to change? What are you waiting for?

When you remove the blocks that have been getting in your way life becomes easier. As you receive the Bars and allow yourself to relax deeply your brain will also clear out the chatter that has been confusing you.
You have always had all the answers inside of you. You are the only one who knows what is right for you. These tools will bring you back to your own knowing.

There are many possibilities in the search back to remembering who you are. In my search I have tried numerous things and this is the one that has brought me the greatest clarity, ease and choice. I had always felt like two different people; one who I kept secret and would only share with those where I felt safe. The other was the face I could show to the world. It was not that they were really separate yet I did not feel safe to be who I truly was in all situations. The first time I had my Bars run all of this changed. I was amazed at the immediate transformation, I felt as though all the cells in my body had become integrated and that I was whole.

I was looking for a way to change my life, to stop holding myself back, to stop being afraid. I finally found a way back to me. I have always been on a “spiritual path” believing that there was more to life than I was aware of. That out there somewhere I would find the answers that would make me whole. Funny how the answers were inside me all along, I just needed a bit of help finding them.

What will work for you?

When will you try this new healing modality?

What else is possible?

Are you ready to change your life?

Now is the time and this is a wonderful possibility.

I would love to introduce you to a taste of Access Consciousness and the Bars.

Contact me now to facilitate change in your life.

Bars gifting and receiving opportunities are currently available

Next bars class TBD

Now available for you and your horse; Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Creating more possibilities for you and your horse. Does your horse have an issue that needs a different approach?


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