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Irena Tymruk

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Name: Irena Tymruk
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: +33466854693
Location: Domaine de la Cledette, Le Grand Bois
Languedoc Roussillon
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About Irena Tymruk

I am English born and raised, currently living in France. I have a German mother and Ukrainian father. How does it get better than that?

I found Access, not too long ago, after I was attracted to a question 'How does it get better than this?’ which was written on a friend’s Skype page. I just loved the energy of the question and it led me to the amazing tools of Access Consciousness.

In this reality, I would be regarded as a success, and achieved what most people wanted. I do have a great career, travelling the world as a Tour Director with people mainly from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. I met a Frenchman around 15 years ago. I moved to France from London, UK, and a new adventure began. We found an old country house, created a beautiful home, and business running a B & B. Had lots of fun, restoring and renovating our house, and then I was blessed with a son at the age of 41.

I created the life that at that time was on my wish list and yet I still was not satisfied or really truly happy. Throughout my life I had been searching for the meaning of life, peace, harmony in my relationships, especially with some family members. My search taught me many different modalities. Metaphysics, Shamanism, Colour Healing, Reiki, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and becoming a Sedona Method Certified Coach, were some of the tools I learned.

Then I found Access! Instead of trying to find answers, or judge myself for not getting it right, I now live in the question and choose for me. Instead of asking what’s wrong with me or what’s wrong with this or that, I am asking what’s right about this that I'm not getting?

If you would like more ease in your life, more joy, more freedom to choose and be, more vitality, more fun, be at ease with your body, better relationships, and to choose for you, then you have come to the right place.

Having your bars run will open you to allow choices, and possibilities to come into your life that you never imagined possible. It will allow you to change easily and effortlessly where necessary and stop judging yourself and others. Help you to discover the truth of who you really be.

Having the bars run is a wonderful way of learning or allowing yourself to receive and choose for you. It’s the beginning of the phenomenal life you know you can have and be.

Are you ready to choose for you and have more of you? Is now the time?

Then let’s see how much fun we can have together!

Please feel free to contact me by email or phone and we can have a chat, I am also available on Skype.

I am happy to travel to you and where you are if that is what you choose!

Are you ready to choose for you? What are you waiting for? What else is possible?



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