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Paula van't Wout

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Name: Paula van't Wout
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0404072566
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About Paula van't Wout

I am a:

* Talk to the Entities Facilitator
* Bars Facilitator
* Body Process Facilitator

What is possible for you?

After my first bars class I called my friend asking her if I could use her head to practice on, being use to my strange requests she came over.

The following week she brought her sister with her, the following morning she called “Paula, this really is life changing....." For her sister, after a head injury many years ago her morning was robotic as she was not able to formulate thought, that next morning she woke up thinking. The next time we meet the conversation was more fluid it was amazing to see the change with her

After my third bars class I was away from home for a couple of days and choose to stay with my friend Char, while catching up I ran her Bars. Nothing much was said, what I noticed for myself though is that I had more space which was amazing to me as I was running her Bars and I was the one feeling space.

Not realising the impact for her until I got back in the evening and received her call to say she was bringing her friend over for me to run her Bars, then the next night she had her niece waiting for me and after having her Bars run this beautiful girl slept the night for the first time in a long tim.

Since then I have not looked back but rather asked, “What else is possible?”


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