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Sue Hegel DC

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Name: Sue Hegel DC
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 2142358373
United States
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About Sue Hegel DC

Empower - Action - Balance

Born and raised in Australia, Dr. Hegel D.C, lives with her family and works as Chiropractor, and Access BARS Facilitator, and Access Body Process Facilitator in Dallas, Texas.
Visit http://www.bars.accessconsciousness.com/index.asp to watch videos and learn more

Her 10 year background in Chiropractic, and ever growing experience with Access Consciousness, Access Body Processes, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and expanding her knowledge in functional nutrition and essential oils, plus her experience raising her 3 children, coupled with her healing capabilities, Dr. Hegel understands how important it is to keep your energy up, your vitality high and health optimum for every day living! What is your secret weapon you use to keep your family healthy?

Health is one of those things we have until we don't, and you don't want to feel awesome and be your best 24/7, 365 for what reason?

Meet Dr. Hegel and the new space where magic and possibilities will flow: http://youtu.be/ezWWzTxuR2Q

Dr. Hegel says she was introduced to Access Consciousness in 2009 when her friend asked her to attend an Access Consciousness BARS class. She says, "I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, filled to the brim and was not in the mood to receive more, something new, something I hadn’t heard of and didn’t know anything about!" She adds that her friend insisted and little did she know the incredible changes that would happen for her and her family and friends and clients upon having her BARS run that day.

She says that after having her BARS run for that first time, it opened her up to a level of new possibilities she never knew existed, it literally changed the way she viewed herself, her family, children, clients and the world, and has added so much and MORE to her life since that day!

Dr. Hegel adds, "A great deal of “awareness" was created from having my BARS run and it created a space for me to “be” me, free from wrongness and judgments that had piled up." There were many positive body changes that were received with the aches and pains from her 3rd pregnancy diminishing greatly and life feeling easier and happier. The relationship with herself and her husband improved beyond words. She started to live her life again with a much more positive outlook, more fun, and with way more ease. Dr. Hegel is very grateful for her friend and the BARS class and invites you to a BARS class near you, so you too can be a catalyst for change, just like it was for her. Are you willing to receive something greater? Is NOW the TIME?"

The BARS is a body process for dynamic change, which involves touching 32 points on the head that start to clear all the limitations you have about that area of your life.

Dr. Hegel conducts private in person and phone consultations with clients and facilitates Access BARS Classes throughout the USA and World, and looks forward to creating the possibility you never had until now.

Dr. Hegel's two favorite questions she leaves you with to ask yourself are:
1.How does it get any better than “this”
2."What Else "is" Possible!"

Being YOUR Access Bars Facilitator, Dr. Hegel would love to continue the conversation with you. We invite you to follow her on Facebook and visit her at www.drsuehegel.com

She looks forward to creating dynamic change with you!

With Ease and Gratitude,

Dr. Sue Hegel D.C.


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