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Julia Hogg

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Name: Julia Hogg
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 07734 299100
London SE1
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Before I found Access, I was always searching for something. Somehow, I knew there was more to life than the mini version I had called my own. Everyone around me seemed to be so happy with things as they are, but I just couldn’t seem to get it right. What was wrong with me? Was there an inside joke I wasn’t a part of?

Seeking another reality, I tried a variety of therapies and modalities to give me some relief. Believe me… if it promised a solution I gave it a go. From crystals and Bach flower remedies all the way down to becoming a certified Reiki Master. Everything I tried gave me a little freedom, but seemed to take me only so far. It was like I never quite scratched that itch I felt deep down. Sound familiar?

Since my first Access class, I haven’t looked back. Not only did it give me freedom from the “problems” I thought I had, but provoked me to look even deeper into how I wanted to live my life. Access did something for me that nothing else I tried had offered. It confronted me with a very controversial fact: there is nothing wrong with me and there never has been! Now the more Access classes I take, the deeper that sinks in and does not seem to have a stopping point. It is always moving, always evolving and initiates change more dynamically and faster than anything I have ever come across.

Ever since starting Access my life has grown exponentially. If I could show you before and after pictures you would laugh… or maybe even cry. These days I travel all over the world, have more money, more laughter, don’t judge my body and have more peace with myself than I ever thought possible. I have moved out of the house of trauma and drama and now live a life of happiness. I would call it the life of Riley, but that is cheesy coming from an Irish girl.

This is what has occurred for me, and I would like to invite you to have the same kind of change. It probably won’t look anything like what you think. I do not claim to have found the answer but what I have found is tools. Tools that give me more access to the possibilities I know are really possible. Are you willing to find out how fun and happy your life can be? Go on… I dare you.

Is your life working the way you would like it to? Is it everything you hoped it to be and more? If not, are you willing to do whatever it takes to change it and to become the greatness of you? I would love to facilitate you in any area of your life that you would like to change.

Look out for my classes on this web page, or contact me to find out the next suite of classes I have scheduled. I regularly facilitate classes in the UK and Ireland, do private sessions, I work with animals and their owners and I am facilitating voice classes. I am available for international bookings as well.

tel: +44 7734299100

The following information has been submitted from clients who have received a private session from me or who have attended one or more of my classes.

Bars Classes:
I just attended Julia's Bars class. It was amazing! Julia is a fun, approachable and inspiring facilitator who ensured everyone was at ease in the class. Despite already having taken a Bars class I learnt loads of new information about the phenomenal technique that is the Bars. I also really enjoyed running them on the other class participants, and by the end of the day I felt a wonderful sense of peace and excitement about what I could go out and generate! The great thing about learning how to run Bars is that you can then run on yourself, and on other people. Not only is it immensely relaxing, it could change your life and theirs! How does it get any better than that?!
S.L., France

What can I say Julia you were amazing, you delivered the material in your unique way which was perfect for the group, it was an amazing day and now I have the tools to create and uncreate what ever I wish , how does it get better than that? What other infinite possibilities are there? love it ,its magic. x x
C.S., London

I truly enjoyed Julia's Bars Class. Before the class I was aware of the main ideas and the tools AC uses, and I had been using them for about two months before the class. Julia helped the whole class clear relevant issues and answered questions. Participating in Julia's class changed my points of view on how i view myself and my life. I now truly believe that I'm a beautiful infinite being, as everybody else. I feel powerful in choosing my own reality. Thank you, Julia!
L.S., London

It was a great class, humourous, irreverent, loved it and there was time to sleep. Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for the insight, bring on more. How can it get any better than this?
G.W., London

Loved the intimacy and relaxed atmosphere. I was also very impressed with the fact that nothing we said phased you and your ability to pick up on the deeper issues and work with them. Left feeling that I had unburdened myself from a lot of rubbish and could move on. Thank you.
A.K., London

Foundation and Level One Classes:

I have been lucky enough to have completed my foundation and level 1 with you, after the 'right voice for you' and have learned so much from just being with you....as though i have been able to relax into myself more, and through watching and experiencing you 'be' has very much inspired me to allow myself to simply 'be'..... you are very inspirational. thank you.

Thank you so much for being such a contribution to my life! I actually really miss you now after 2 weekends in a row!! You are amazing! AG, Devon

I have attended Julia’s foundation class and my life has changed for good :O)
The information, the clearings and the tools are genuinely great in the foundation book and because it was delivered by Julia it has became life changing experience for me. She is a joyful, spacious personality and has the ability to connect with people in such level where we could effortlessly clear my reoccurring shingles (without rashes!), allergy for cat hair and who knows what else?!
Julia shared plenty of time and energy on personal clearings and made sure that we felt relaxed and laughed a lot during these sometimes difficult times.
If you ready to BE THE CHANGE and LIVE YOUR LIFE with ease, joy and glory; go ahead and call her now!
M.L., London

I have just had a fantastic weekend.....two days doing Access Foundation with Julia!! I feel very blessed. Julia is a special individual who gives all of her in the class; with very deep awareness and clarity on various issues that come up when questions are asked by attendees. She explained every area of Foundation and ensured that we understood everything within the manual......now it is up to me to put all that you taught Julia into practice.....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
N.I., London

Right Voice For You:

Right Voice for You is an amazing class to take that has so many benefits. I thought it was a class for people who would like to sing, however it goes WAY beyond that!!! Your voice and how you express yourself is a fundamental reflection of how you feel about yourself and how much you are willing to be heard and seen. Julia 's astute facilitation let me break through places where I would automatically go into 'shy, don't want to be seen' mode. It was amazing! And the effects have filtered through to every part of my life, and I am more confident being ME as a result. All that in less than 25 minutes!! Wow!
S.L., France

Julia is an incredibly intuitive facilitator. She allowed me to be present and for the energy to flow so that whatever needed to be released could be, in a very loving and safe environment. Excellent processess, allowing freedom and awareness for new choices to be made.
I.T., France


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