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Carolyn McCormick

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Name: Carolyn McCormick
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 310-621-8947
Location: LA and Orange County, CA
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About Carolyn McCormick

Hi, this is Carolyn McCormick, and I am thrilled you are right here right now.

What if you could truly begin to have all of life come to you with ease, joy and glory?
What if all your struggles and challenges is really life calling you to be the real YOU, beautiful, powerful, creative, limitless . . . with infinite possibilities?

For the past 20 years, my passion and career have been in the personal development field producing large seminars and coaching for best-selling motivational 'gurus.' Yet, for the past 2 decades I had observed thousands of people attending seminars over and over and never really achieving their desires or changing their lives. I kept asking, "what is missing here?"

That question brought me to Access, and immediately I felt at home, at peace and excited all at once. I felt more joyful and inspired again by my work, where before I'd been bored. I rented out my home in Denver within 2 days, found my new ocean view home, packed up and moved to California and began sharing these tools with my coaching clients.

My clients began getting amazing results also. One got a book deal after our 1st coaching session and has more than doubled his income in just a few months, another sold their family home in a month that had sat vacant for a year. Others found more confidence, left fear in the dust. All are having more fun! How does it get any better than that?

If you could wave a magical wand and enhance your life, what would you choose?
* Imagine having better, happier and more joy-filled relationships.
* What if you could continuously generate more money now and in the future?
* What could you achieve if you had no fear?
* Imagine understanding your body’s innate wisdom to heal, stay youthful,
peaceful and serene . . no matter what?

I am available for private sessions in person or phone, Bars Classes, Foundation and Level One Classes and more.

I may be reached at 310 621 8947 or email me here. You can also learn more about my services at www.grabyourultimatedreams.com

Here's to creating your desires with ease, joy and glory!



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